Protein: in what products it contains

Protein: in what products it contains
Protein is vital to the body - it is the "building blocks" of the body, is responsible for the metabolism, the ability to grow and multiply and helps assimilation of vitamins and minerals.CV which products contain enough protein?

What foods contain protein?The proteins contained in the food, according to the source of their origin are divided into plants and animals.

Until now, there is debate between supporters and opponents of vegetarianism, at least occasionally if there is enough healthy and fulfilling life only eat vegetable proteins or need to eat meat and dairy products.

Protein: the main problem

in beans or lentils for protein quantity as much as in pork or beef.However, the main problem is not so much the amount of protein as in its digestibility.

Strictly speaking, there is no food in the nature of proteins, which are ideally suited to our body, but some types are digested better.

In the first place there are the proteins contained in dairy products and eggs, followed - meat proteins o

f mammals and birds, fish and soy, then - the nuts and bean products.The hardest body absorb protein from cereals.Thus, answering the question, in what foods contain protein, should be aware of its different digestibility.

What foods contain protein: the top 10

  1. Poultry meat - 17-22 grams (100 g).
  2. meat - 15-20, the
  3. Fish - 14-20 g
  4. Seafood - 15-18 g
  5. Eggs - '12
  6. Hard cheese - 25-27 g
  7. Cheese - 14'18
  8. Bean - 20-25 g
  9. Cereals - 8-12 g
  10. Nuts - 15-30 g

preparation of protein products, what you need to know

  • amount of protein is highly dependent on the method of preparationproduct.For example, 100 g of fish bream about 17 g of protein, salt bream and smoked for 25 g smoked in bream - 32 g, fish and dried for about 40 grams of protein.Thus, it is necessary not only to consider that in some foods contain protein, but these products are usually cooked.
  • Nutritionists recommend to combine in one dish protein products of plant and animal origin.An example of a successful Union in terms of quantity and quality of protein are porridge and muesli with milk, rolls and sushi with rice and fish, scrambled eggs with beans, meat and poultry with a side dish of beans or grains.
  • Speaking of public products contain protein, we should not forget about the ratio of protein and fat.Often protein-rich foods, for example, such as cheese, or nuts, high in fat, calories while too, so the amount of them in the diet should be limited.

overabundance of protein in the body

Protein deficiency leads to very serious health consequences, so the daily menu should include a sufficient amount of protein products.However, the abuse also affected the condition of the body.

First, it threatens an intoxication, because in the process of digestion of protein, especially animal proiskhozhdeneya stands out a lot of toxins that the body must have time to withdraw.

Second, animal protein leads to higher cholesterol levels in the blood and problems with the cardiovascular system.

Third, according to recent research scientists, an excess of protein, our body converts to fat.So it is necessary not to abuse the use of the protein.

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