Botox can relieve migraine

Researchers from the University of Granada (Spain) argue that the injection of a local anesthetic or Botox in certain points of the head and neck to help reduce the frequency of migraine symptoms.

Scientists have identified the localization of trigger points, the activation of which leads to migraines, as well as their relationship with the duration and severity of migraine attacks.

Headache - a condition familiar to many people.Nothing is known more than 100 different types of headaches, and one of the most frequent is migraine.From migraine affects about 10-12% of people, women prone to this condition is three times more often than men.

When migraine becomes chronic, that is repeated more than 15 days within one month, it may significantly affect the state of man, his health and prevent a full life.

Key points migraine

In the first study involved healthy people and patients diagnosed with migraine at any frequency and duration.The researchers analyzed the presence of trigger points and thei

r location, the discovery of which often leads to acute attacks of migraine.

The study found that 95% of patients with migraine were such points, while in healthy participants, they were found only in 25% of cases.The most frequent location of these points was perednevisochnoy and suboccipital of the head on both sides.

Moreover, the researchers found an association between the number of tender points in patients, the frequency of monthly migraine attacks and the duration of this condition in their lifetime.

Local anesthetics migraine

The next study involved 52 patients with migraine are not treatable by conventional drugs.Within three months, patients underwent weekly subcutaneous injections of local anesthetic in a volume of 1 ml in the field of localization of trigger points.

After anesthetic injection in 18% of patients showed a reduction in migraine frequency by 50% or more compared with the previous period.

The overall reduction of seizure frequency by 11-49% was found in 38% of study participants.Two-thirds of patients have described changes in their condition after being treated like « better » or « better » .

Botox for chronic migraines

In the third study, 25 patients with chronic migraine were injected botox into each trigger point twice within three months.

frequency, intensity and severity of migraine attacks was recorded for the month prior to the start of clinical trials, and one month after the end to assess the dynamics of change.It is also recorded and the side effects that occur during the experiment, but they were temporary and had an average severity.

After injection the most significant decrease in the frequency of migraine attacks was found at the twentieth week.Similar results were obtained with respect to the intensity of migraine attacks, and also on the frequency of application of painkillers patients.

Nevertheless, the researchers note that this method of treatment of migraine is not the most preferred and recommended only for patients with chronic migraine who have known the use of drugs does not have the desired effect.

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