Allergy in infants

Allergy in infants
Abdominal pain, anxiety, frustration of a chair, skin and respiratory system in newborns - all allergy symptoms that can not be ignored.How does allergy in infants.

Nearly half of all newborn crumbs suffer from allergies.The risk of its occurrence is increased significantly if the mother is exposed to allergic reactions baby.Heredity plays a role in the emergence of allergies.

Today about 40% of newborns suffer from allergies crumbs.
risk of allergies in children increased significantly, allergic reactions if exposed to mother baby.Heredity plays a role in the emergence of allergies.

toxicosis in late pregnancy or suffered by the mother infection also increases the likelihood of infant allergies.In this case, after the birth it is necessary to treat with great attention to his diet, choosing a deliberately non-hazardous products, following the reaction of the baby and gradually introducing something new.

How to allergies in the newborn

How do we determine that the child is allergic to a particula

r product is eaten mom?If a baby starts to cry loudly after 15-20 minutes after feeding and Sucitu legs, it means something in the mother's milk of his body did not like.Next may appear rash, diarrhea turns green, sometimes vomiting opens.This means the use of nepodoshedshego product should be postponed to a later date.Let the kid grow up a little bit and get stronger.About allergy occurred in a newborn is to inform the pediatrician, and a time to begin a gradual extension of the diet again.So useful and typed for mom and baby to a set of products.

Products that cause allergy in newborn

Experience shows that in children the first year of life, food allergy often causes a cow's milk protein or the other protein products.That is why in the first six months, breast milk is best for infants no food.The later the baby to the breast, the more likely that he will arise allergy.The fact that the gastrointestinal tract of the newborn is sterile, as well as mother's milk, and later often to the applying of the time the baby gets long-awaited chest, he already disrupted the normal microflora and the formation of developing dysbiosis.

If for some reason you need to bottle-feeding, it is important to carefully choose the mix after consultation with the pediatrician.If a baby has intolerance to cow and even soy protein, doctors will recommend allergy-free mixture.

Medicines that cause allergies in the newborn

Besides food, the occurrence of allergy in infants may be associated with vaccination.Many vaccination substances are allergens, and this should be remembered.

to dysbacteriosis and allergic reactions in infants often leads antibiotics.During pregnancy and lactation to receive medicines should be treated with extreme caution.And especially not worth it on its own initiative, any medication given to newborns.Please consult a good doctor.

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