Cholesterol and children : when to start monitoring

What is the child's health in the future, define the first years of his life, and parents need to not miss the most important moments.

many "adult" diseases (such as heart attack or stroke) in children may develop due to improper levels of cholesterol.The cause of these diseases becomes a blockage of the arteries that provide blood flow to the heart, cholesterol plaques.

At risk are not only adults who abuse fatty foods of animal origin, in which the cholesterol is very much, but children whose parents are ever faced with higher levels of blood fats, or received any cardiac disease too early (men under 55women up to 65 years).

Doctors agree that check cholesterol in children have not yet reached the age of two, there is no point, as it is a period of rapid growth and development, when fats are vital.But if the child is prone to be overweight, already has a diagnosis "diabetes" and problems with blood pressure, cholesterol levels determine the same time.In any case, it should be made before reaching t

he age of 10.

If elevated cholesterol

If biochemical blood tests showed abnormalities on the content of cholesterol, it is time to move on to drastic measures.With a mild increase is possible to manage without medication, will be enough to establish a proper diet and monitor the physical activity of the child.In this case, the proportion of fat in the diet should not exceed 30% of the daily diet.

Where to find omega-3: infographics

Trans fats are eliminated in full, they are not necessary and healthy children, saturated fats are reduced to 10% (in extreme cases up to 7% on doctor's advice).Feeding a child need to diversify as much as possible, so that he did not experience nutrient deficiencies.

Useful products

  • for breakfast - porridge from wholegrain cereals, yogurt and dairy products (with low-fat), fruit;
  • for lunch or dinner - vegetable soups, beans, rice, fish, baked poultry without skin, pasta from durum wheat;
  • on snack - fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread.

Sweet juices and carbonated drinks should not be present in a child's diet with high cholesterol levels.As for exercise, the children are perfect aerobic exercise - walking, jogging, cycling and swimming.

However, if the level of "bad" cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) extremely high, and his "good" opponent (high density lipoprotein) falls short of the standards, while the child has a genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease, you may need additionalmedication of the statins group (allowed for children older than 8 years).He must choose a doctor.However, medical treatment does not relieve the parents from control of proper nutrition and physical activity of the child, because only rely on drugs to fight cholesterol is impossible.

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