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Diet with Gilbert's syndrome

Dining with Gilbert
Gilbert's syndrome is a pigment steatosis, in which a man says mild intermittent (periodic) elevated levels of unbound bilirubin in the blood.Patients should be carefully adjust the power at Gilbert's syndrome.

Gilbert's syndrome - the most common hereditary disease which affects general estimates from 3 to 10% of people.Doctors who treat the disease, note the great importance of nutrition in Gilbert's syndrome.

symptoms and the need for revision of diet in disease Gilbert

analysis of the medical literature shows that approximately one third of patients are no complaints at all, while the remainder of the observed symptoms such as:

  • fatigue;
  • loss or weakening of the capacity for prolonged mental or physical stress;
  • dull pain in the liver;
  • nausea;
  • belching;
  • lack of appetite;
  • violation of a chair;
  • flatulence.

Approximately a quarter of all cases indicated a slight increase in the liver, causing its edge protrudes from the costal arch at 1-3 cm. In the period of acute liver disease marked i

ncrease even more and are observed in 80% of patients.

Studies show enlargement of the spleen in 10% of patients.But, as practice shows, treatment with medicines hardly give significant improvements, so emphasis should be placed exactly on nutrition with Gilbert's syndrome.

Nutrition for Gilbert's syndrome

as practical advice to anyone who suffers from this disease, it is recommended to review your diet with Gilbert's syndrome.To this end, it is recommended to give preference to a fractional nutrition and dieting.Limit intake also have hepatotoxic drugs, such as:

  • psychotropic drugs;
  • cimetidine;
  • furadonin.

reason for these restrictions is an increased risk of acute hepatitis.In addition to nutrition in Gilbert's syndrome, will have to revise its program of physical training.It is necessary to refuse from become rods, heavy squats, and dose loads during other exercises.In order to adjust your diet with Gilbert's syndrome, we have led major products and dishes that are recommended for patients with this diagnosis:

  • vegetable soups and cereals;
  • bread from wheat flour;
  • lean fish;
  • lean meat;
  • dairy products.

on the number of recommended products does not end there, but the food should be consistent with the attending physician, in order not to harm the patient.

Nutrition for Gilbert's syndrome - a very important aspect that you need to pay special attention.

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