Anorexia nervosa : an ugly thinness

Anorexia nervosa : an ugly thinness
Anorexia nervosa - a disease that if left untreated can be fatal.

Anorexia nervosa - a disease not only of the XXI century.Even in 1697, Morton described the case of an eighteen year old girl suffering from this disease: lack of appetite, depressed mood, the deliberate provocation of vomiting after meals.And as a result of extreme exhaustion and death.

And if four centuries ago, refusal to eat was called a cult blog, asceticism, and had religious roots, but now causes anorexia commitment to the ideals of others - fashion and beauty.

Anorexia nervosa is not a disease of the XXI century.Even in 1697, Morton described the case of an eighteen year old girl suffering from this disease: the girl was no appetite, was constantly depressed mood, then it became deliberately arouse vomiting after meals.I finish the story of the girl sadly, extreme exhaustion and death.The causes of a conscious rejection of power have changed over several centuries, if a few centuries ago, refusal to eat was called the cult of

posts and asceticism, and had religious roots, in anorexia modern world is striving to other ideals - beauty and fashion.However, the symptoms and the disease remained the same.

Stages of Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia

- psychosomatic diseases, so there are primarily psychological causes that lead to the development of the disease and the appearance of the physiological symptoms.

first stage. At the first stage there are thoughts of non-compliance of its exterior beauty standards and certain advertised ideal.The feeling of inadequacy, inferiority, body defects in the form of excess weight - become obsessions.The mood becomes depressed, increasing concern about their appearance, a long time she spends about a mirror, examining herself critically.Gradually begin searching for ways to lose weight:. Drugs, diet, exercise, etc. The most effective method is elected by the strict limitation in food.However, from close this fact is hidden - girl hiding food to throw it away, give the dog shift into other people's plates, etc.

second stage. Chronic hunger leads to significant weight loss, by 20-30%.However, a person can not stop weight loss causes joy, even euphoria, and diet is enhanced even more.Patients not adequately assess weight changes and remain obsessive thoughts about excessive body weight and the need to diet.Dietary restrictions are accompanied by exhausting exercise.Manifest symptoms.

Psychological symptoms of anorexia:

  • Depressed, depression, joy is only weight loss.
  • Patients limit their communication, become withdrawn, irritable, hide their feelings from their relatives.
  • Dietary restrictions blamed on lack of appetite or lying about eating.
  • lot of time in front of a mirror, once again convinced of the imaginary figure flaws.
  • appears penchant for cooking and overfeeding relatives, patients themselves without eating, inventing various excuses.

As a result of prolonged fasting the body begins to malfunction of organs and systems.

Physiological symptoms of anorexia:

  • cessation of menstruation in girls
  • constant feeling of weakness, dizziness, fainting
  • Cardiac arrhythmia, decreased blood volume
  • Dry and pale skin, brittle nails, hair loss
  • stomach pain, constipation, indigestion
  • increased bone fragility, osteoporosis

third stage. third, cachectic stage comes after a year or two if left untreated anorexia - a phase of irreversible changes in the body caused by extreme dystrophy.weight loss reaches 50% or more.At this stage, the disease often ends lethal: it may be sudden cardiac arrest due to a violation even of water and electrolyte metabolism, death can result in a banal infection because the body is completely unable to resist disease.

Treatment of anorexia nervosa

Patients tend to deny the existence of the disease and any problems were, so the main thing to notice changes in the behavior of relatives and to take action.If you have symptoms of the disease, changes in habits related to food intake - should pay special attention to control the power of a teenager.

Treatment of anorexia nervosa is carried out in specialized clinics and includes both psychological support to patients and pharmacological treatment.In the later stages of the disease, "fatten" patients by intravenous infusion of nutrients.To cope with this disease alone is difficult and treatment specialists in order to help the patient cope with this "fatal fasting" is a must.

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