Acid- base balance : what foods are acidic

what products are acidic
For normal functioning of the body is very important to keep the acid-base balance.What products are acidic and which are alkaline, it is useful to know for our health.

Since ancient times people have tried to balance your diet and doing it unconsciously.They did not know what foods are acidic and which - alkaline.They just felt by some food is good and easy, but what is digested with difficulty, and tried to use them uniformly.

«Acid» Products

With our variety of food, and the current environment, to be healthy, you need some knowledge.For example, the human blood has an alkaline base, and to maintain this factor we need to consume 80% alkaline products and only 20% of acid.Normal blood acidity 7.35-7.47.Deviations from these values ​​- alarm.

Acidic foods difficult to digest, and when it is digesting a large amount of slag.Because it is very important to know which products are acidic.

  1. Dairy products: heat-treated milk, cheese, butter, cheese, ice cream.
  2. Meat, poultry, eggs, fish.
  3. Wheat, corn, rice, beans and dried peas.
  4. Boiled and fried foods and semi-finished products.
  5. White bread and bakery products, white flour and sugar.
  6. All kinds of nuts, except coconut and almond, sesame, sunflower seeds, melon seeds.
  7. oils and fats.
  8. Spicy foods.
  9. All products containing sugar: sweets and candies.
  10. Alcohol and tobacco, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Knowing which products are acidic, it is not difficult to guess that the vegetables and fruits, as well as the raw fresh milk and cheese have an alkaline base.You may say: what about the citrus fruits because they taste sour?Yes, they seem so initially, but in the digestion in the body produce an alkaline effect.

Consequences "perekisleniya" organism

When metabolism is dominated by acid, the body tends to get rid of them, but at certain times it is already unable to cope, and they are deposited in the connective tissues.So there are signs of cellulite hated us, as well as arthritis and arthrosis.From perekisleniya blood becomes more viscous, as is the risk of heart attacks, strokes, cerebral circulatory disorders.Excessive use of products that are acidic, leads to osteoporosis, to neutralize the acids when the body uses calcium from bones.As a result, they become fragile and brittle.

Invariably, headaches, fatigue, runny nose, loss of appetite, insomnia, nervous breakdowns.

What are the rules of use

acidic foods During the Soviet Union Institute of Nutrition gave these recommendations: 6 parts of alkaline food to eat only one part acid.The same opinion and yoga known Japanese scientist K. Nishi, who created a unique health system.

useless to fight cellulite or osteoporosis, only adding to the diet more alkaline foods.The main thing is to consider what products are acidic, neutral and alkaline, and observe balance.This will be a balanced diet.Drink quality water and move more.

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