How to get rid of insomnia : 10 Tips

How to get rid of insomnia : 10 Tips
have insomnia may be various reasons and not always sleeping pills is an adequate measure: some of the obstacles to a healthy sleep can eliminate not only the drugs.

insomnia can and should fight, but do not dwell on thoughts like, "I need to immediately go to sleep, I'm not a good sleep and I will feel bad" - it can turn into a self-hypnosis session.

Then just will not be able to fall asleep quickly, and more will be added to the fatigue and irritation due to the efforts wasted.

much more efficient to use one of the proven ways to treat insomnia.

What helps insomnia

  1. Waiver of soft drinks.Some people do not drink enough coffee or tea for an hour or two before bedtime.Another, very sensitive, it is better not to use them in the early evening.
  2. Refusal of cigarettes before bedtime.They contain nicotine is a stimulant substance, and a man after smoking a little more cheerful.
  3. Termination complex mental work for a couple of hours before bedtime.Overexcited brain can not simply switch to a relaxed s
    tate, he needs some time to "cool down" from stress.
  4. If sleep prevents physical stress can take a hot bath with aromatic oils, try one of deep relaxation techniques or ask someone in the family to make you a massage.
  5. Psychological excitement (strong emotions, anger) is also not conducive to the rapid fall asleep.It is necessary to adopt the principle of Scarlett O'Hara, "I'll think about it tomorrow."
  6. may cause insomnia is the so-called weekend syndrome: a man lies down late on Friday and Saturday, then slept in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays.As a result, at the end of the weekend, he could not sleep for a normal working week time - the body has also migrated.There will only respect for the weekend of the same sleep and wakefulness, and that on working days.
  7. can drink warm milk with honey, herbal tea, also fit some varieties of green tea.Soothing drink to help relax.There is important and the ritual itself - if one believes that this tool helps with insomnia, it will really help.
  8. Perhaps it is time to replace the cushion or mattress - sagging on difficult bedding comfortably sit and fall asleep immediately.It is worth paying attention to orthopedic model of modern materials.
  9. Reconfigure itself to sleep mentally and physically will help some quiet activity - reading, watching movies (not just thrillers and action), crafts.When lying down or sitting motionless in bed the rhythm of all the processes in the body will slow down, and the person will soon pull to sleep.
  10. Some people certainly need to toss and turn for a long time even in the most comfortable bed, and beat shifting pillows, covered with a blanket and almost immediately disclosed.They are constantly looking for a comfortable sleeping position, but in the end most often sleep in the same position, in which both were originally.Oddly enough, to win such a discomfort psychological origin often makes it simple and perfectly harmless folk method: you have to remove the pillow from the pillow, and turn it in such a way to put back.

What is not necessary to treat insomnia

Sometimes insomnia is not necessary to treat any home remedies or your doctor, because it is "one-time", not chronic.For example, this situation may occur when you change time zones.To adapt is to pass at least a couple of days - so that sleeping pills will be unnatural for the body way out.

Some young parents, Child awakened at night, can not go back to sleep and awake more than one hour, sometimes until itself solve the problem with repeated practice of interrupted sleep: the body tends to use every opportunity to recuperate, re falling asleep and is nearly instantaneous.

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