How to treat cystitis in the 21st century

How to treat cystitis in the 21st century
In 40% of cases after the first episode of cystitis can expect a repeat episode.

most often (85%), the causative agent of cystitis is Escherichia coli.If the cause of cystitis E. coli, in women under 55 years of relapses during the year observed in 36% of cases, and in women older than 55 years - 53% of cases.

The Russian 26-36 million cases recorded annually cystitis.In some women relapse observed more than 3 times a year.According to statistics, cystitis accompanied by clinical symptoms within 6-7 days, 2-3 days a woman loses the ability to work.

Cystitis dangerous relapse

Statistics show that the percentage of chronic cystitis, move it to the recurrent form is very high.Doctors agree that the reason that the two - peculiarities of bladder inflammation and inadequate treatment strategy.

During cystitis huge role played by a number of factors: the strength of the immune system, pH of urine, the presence or absence of additional damage (sand in the urine, for example), the physiological character

istics of the urethra structure, the presence or absence of gynecological pathology, diseases, sexually transmitted diseases,power characteristics of the patient, etc.

If there are any of these adverse factors, plus to the lack of effective treatment or improper, chronicity of the process is almost inevitable.

principles of modern treatment of cystitis

What is the effective treatment of cystitis?This, above all, adequate antibiotic therapy, and the second - aids.

Treatment of cystitis begins immediately when the first symptoms.therapy should not be delayed becausethis leads to the prolongation of the disease.The treatment must always take into account the sensitivity of the main pathogens (E. coli) to antibiotics, as is currently expanding antibiotic resistance of microorganisms.

duration and frequency of administration of antibiotics should be sufficient.Antibiotics should be taken for 3 days or once, depending on the drug.During this time, it leaves symptoms, significantly reduced the amount of the pathogen in the urine.However

feature mucosal epithelial cells of the bladder is such that only mature epithelial attachment and can resist the damaging action of pathogenic microorganisms, in particular Escherichia coli.And complete restoration of the epithelium (replacement with new cells) after inflammation requires at least three weeks.It turns out that after taking antibiotics, but to complete structural and functional restoration of the bladder mucosa cells are vulnerable, and this contributes to the development of relapse.

That is why the treatment of cystitis is supplemented by drugs, protecting not fully recovered from the epithelium.Such preparation is Monurel.Its main component - proanthocyanidins - a substance derived from cranberry extract.

Cranberry - that old folk remedy for the treatment of cystitis, and can be called monurel extract its useful properties in a convenient form for admission.

proanthocyanidins - is not only a powerful antioxidant (stronger than vitamins E and C), improves metabolic processes in the inflammation.They damage the bacterial membrane, contributing to the destruction of the pathogen, E. coli fimbriae block and do not give it to cling to the epithelial cells, and inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mucosa.As a result, the causative agent can not be kept in the epithelium and simply excreted in the urine.Monurel taken within a month and protects epithelial cells during the recovery period.

Supplement antibiotic drug Monurel reduces the risk of recurrence of cystitis.

Prevents chronic cystitis and immunomodulatory therapy.Studies have shown that in 33% of patients with chronic cystitis have certain abnormalities in the immune status.Thus in the treatment of cystitis patients prescribed immunomodulators.

parallel appointed painkillers, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory agents.Equally important are diet, drinking regime (need to drink as much as possible to avoid the concentration of urine), as well as the mode of the day, a good rest and release from work.It is unacceptable to carry on his feet cystitis.

Thus, in the treatment of cystitis is always necessary to take into account the high risk of chronic process.Therefore, a mandatory scheme antibiotic Monurel, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, drinking regime, diet.

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