Otitis : the treatment of otitis media folk remedies

Otitis : the treatment of otitis media folk remedies
Treatment of middle ear inflammation (otitis) folk remedies carried out in two directions: a heating compresses and the use of antibacterial agents.

Otitis called otitis media - a small cavity where the bone is the mechanism that transmits the inner ear sound wave.The main symptom of otitis media is pain.Furthermore, it may worsen hearing.

Causes inflammation of the middle ear

often causes of otitis becomes hypothermia and viral infections.Otitis media is also a frequent speaker complication of a cold or sore throat.

Treatment of middle ear inflammation

Although traditional medicine has a very rich arsenal of treatment of otitis media, it is better not to get involved in self-medicate and consult a doctor.He will be able to establish the cause of otitis media and to give the best recommendations.

treatment of otitis media folk remedies conducted in two directions:

  • use sogrevatelnyh compresses;
  • use of antibacterial agents.

For the treatment of otitis media traditional medicines are widely

used bread, onion, thyme, propolis, and others.

Bread poultice

To cook it is necessary to remove the crust from a loaf of black bread and warm up on both sides in a water bath (optimally put in a colander over a pan of water).Bread crust packed in cotton wool, cellophane and matter, then attach to the patient's ear for at least an hour.The pain subsides within 15 minutes, but the therapeutic effect should be kept longer.Generally, bread crust is able to retain heat up to three hours.This method is particularly effective to be used for a long time in the treatment of otitis media in children.

Onion poultice

First you need to bake in the ash (in relation to the city - in the oven), a small onion so that it became soft.Then put on the linen cloth a piece of butter, cover with a hot plate from the bulb and wrap.A little cool (not burned) and attach to the ear so that the bow was inside it.

Then you need to wrap your head with something warm (for example, a woolen scarf) and a few hours does not go cold.The procedure should be done twice a day.

Onion drops

From bulbs squeezed juice, typed in a pre-heated in boiling water dropper, then dug in his ear three or four drops.Then, it is desirable to make a compress - to insert into the ear of cotton wool soaked onion juice, and keep to dry juice, then immediately removed.

Important!This method is particularly requires consultation with a physician, as is strictly contraindicated in damage to the eardrum.

Bay complex

Five dry laurel leaves to pour a tablespoon of boiling water and covered for two hours to heat in a water bath.After leave to cool for 45 minutes, drain and squeeze out the broth.Eight drops of warm broth dropped into the affected ear, and then drunk to three tablespoons.Repeat three times a day for five days.

Important! before using consult your doctor, as prohibited to use this method in case of damage the eardrum.

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