Arthritis in periodic disease

clinical manifestations, principles of diagnosis and treatment of articular forms of periodic disease.

Manifestations arthropathy with periodic disease

disease usually occurs suddenly on the background of well-being in the form of acute pain in the abdomen or chest, pain in the joints with fever.The first attacks do not last more than two days, but over time, their duration may increase.

Sometimes joint damage occur only pain, but may be accompanied by the appearance of edema.In most cases this asymmetric joints of the lower limbs, at least - a brush joints.Swelling of the joints increases rapidly and disappears quickly, but over time can be saved and pain in the interictal period.

In cases where the first affects the hip joints, and there is abdominal pain, fever, pain in the lower back or chest, diagnosis of the disease is difficult, and patients can be hospitalized in the surgical or therapeutic department.In the same period, at least - after an exacerbation, the patient noted the appearanc

e of stiffness in the joints and the appearance around rashes, blisters and small subcutaneous nodules, most often - in the lower extremities.These changes can hold up to 3-7 days and then disappear completely in almost all joints except the hip.With long-term existence of the disease develop osteoporosis and osteoarthritis deforming

Diagnostics joint lesions in periodic disease.

  • Outside exacerbation and relapse during the first radiological changes can not be identified.But in the later stages of the disease with X-ray examination may identify signs of sacroiliitis, coxitis (inflammation of the hip joint) on the background of osteoporosis later they revealed degenerative degenerative changes (osteoarthritis deformans)
  • During the ultrasound of the joints in the acute period may be determined by symptoms of bursitis,synovitis, presence of effusion in the joint cavity.
  • in peripheral blood in acute revealed leukocytosis, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, increased fibrinogen and seromucoid, rheumatoid factor is not determined.
  • Urinalysis mostly unchanged as long as the process is not involved kidney.Later, it is possible to detect amyloid.

Basic principles of treatment of arthropathy with periodic disease.

Treatment mainly is symptomatic, but recently recognized the most effective long-term treatment with colchicine (or kolhamina) maintenance dose.The use of corticosteroids is ineffective.For relief of pain in the acute period prescribed analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including those in the form of ointments, gels, compresses on painful joints and fever, phytotherapy (locally and internally).Good effect gives physiotherapy, reflexology, osteopathy, and without exacerbation - a spa treatment.

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