The syndrome of impaired intestinal absorption and vitamin deficiency

The emergence of this disease leads to the emergence of the major deficiencies in the body, metabolic disorders, and the work of many organs and systems.

development of these syndromes is associated with the violation of a number of nutrients intestinal mucosal permeability, trace elements, vitamins and other vital substances to the human body.In this case deficiency of these substances leads to disruption of individual organs and systems, as well as the whole body, in particular, reduced immunity, asthenia, symptoms of the nervous system.At the same time there are intestinal simptomyi and above all - a stubborn, just plaguing human diarrhea.

Depending on the absorption of the substance is broken, there are other symptoms:

  • if the body is experiencing protein deficiency - it is rapidly losing weight, a person feels fatigue, weakness, impaired liver function, swelling occur;
  • malabsorption of carbohydrate leads to low blood glucose, which is not eliminated even when receiving concentrated sugar sol
  • in low phosphorus intake is disturbed condition of the skeletal system and the work of the central nervous system.This is especially dangerous for children, in which there is growth retardation, appear curvature of the spine and extremities.
  • malabsorption kaltsiyatozhe problems with the musculoskeletal system, and even reinforced calcium supplementation does not eliminate them, since calcium "passes" the entire gastrointestinal tract without being absorbed and without getting into the blood.Therefore, for the normalization of calcium in the body, you must first heal the gut, especially true for the elderly and the elderly, as they may rapidly increase in osteoporosis, accompanied by increased fragility of bones prone to fractures;
  • when poorly absorbed potassium , people feel muscle weakness, disturbance of the heart, may cause arrhythmia,
  • with a lack of sodium in the body decreases blood pressure, there are thirst, dry skin, heart palpitations.
  • malabsorption of iron, it is very likely to develop iron deficiency anemia.

vitamin deficiency syndrome

significant part of the necessary human vitamins are synthesized by microflora of the large intestine.This means that at the diseases of the intestine accompanied by microflora disorder will feel the lack of these vitamins, especially rapidly developing deficiency of vitamins of group B. Accordingly, the manifest and the symptoms associated with a deficiency of these vitamins:

  • lack of vitamin B1 can cause headaches, irritability, generalweakness, insomnia, intestinal atony, manifested by constipation, etc.
  • at B2 defitsitevitamina, especially when combined with a lack of vitamin B5, there are irregularities in the peripheral nervous system, they can escalate into neuritis and plexites, and begin to develop degenerative processes in the myocardium,
  • with a shortage of vitamin B2, there are problems with mucous membranesmouth (stomatitis, cheilitis), appear perleches, dermatitis wings of the nose and nasolabial folds, thinner, exfoliate and deformed nails, lowered their resistance to fungal diseases (onychomycosis);
  • vitamin B12 deficiency leads to anemia;
  • lack of nicotinic acid is expressed in the language inflammations of mucous membranes, throat, mouth, increased salivation and irritability, imbalance, asthenia nervous system, etc.

If you notice at any of the above symptoms for no apparent reason feel constant fatigue, weakness, fatigue and lack of energy, seek medical attention.Dysbacteriosis never arises by itself: short-term disturbances in the balance of microflora occurring during the seasonal factors or errors in the diet, do not give such severity and duration of symptoms.The presence of all these manifestations indicates that it is necessary to treat not only the bacteria overgrowth, but the disease that led to it, or was caused by it.Only a doctor based on the patient's complaints and objective performance of his state of health, will be able to choose the right, and most importantly - effective and safe - a treatment regimen that is as soon as possible to cope with the disease.

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