The old law was better

quality of medical care will decrease, and for treatment in public hospitals will have to pay.

law "On basics of health of citizens" will come into force in early 2012, but much of it remains unclear and imprecise.

about how the new document will change the Russian health care system, told told the head of the Institute of Health Guzel Ulumbekova management problems.

- The new law a lot of loud statements.For example, the introduction of the priority health care for children.What does it mean?

- It's just a declaration.The law, after this sentence was to follow the specification of how many resources we spend on children's health, and what mechanisms are used for this purpose.For example, it would be possible to provide pharmaceuticals for children on an outpatient basis.And there are plenty of declarations in the bill.

course, developers say this, that the law is indirect, it only laid down the general principles of public health protection.But if any such law must be accompanied b

y a list of the laws of direct action and the timing of their adoption, and it is not.

- was expected to free medical care will be available ...


Under this law, it will not happen.We can not increase the availability of medical care, because it requires additional funds, and the rules for a significant increase in health financing law does not provide.

Today, the government is making progress in this direction, but they are not enough.Yes, due to the increase of tariffs of insurance contributions by 2% every year we are increasing funding for health care by 220 billion rubles.But these funds are not even cover the current deficit financing of regional programs of state guarantees, which amounts to 340 billion rubles, and especially do not allow to provide free medical care in a modern style, as it is declared in the law.

By the way, the law will not improve the situation and the health workers themselves.Their wages in the law - not a word.But those 220 billion, of which I spoke, barely enough to increase their salaries by 10%.And this despite the inflation rate of 7-8%.

- As for new standards is proposed to work on the quality of medical care?


new law abolishes compulsory postgraduate practical training for primary care physicians, and it throws our education for at least half a century ago.

After that, you can expect only the growth in the number of medical errors.In the world before the doctor will be able to practice primary care after graduation, he passes a mandatory two-year training.

- How do you assess the centralization of authority to provide medical care to the municipal to the regional level?


This provision of health management centralization proper, it establishes the norm of the law on compulsory medical insurance, providing centralized funding.This means that all means to free medical care at the federal level are going into a big bag, and then distributed fairly between the regions.Most Russian municipalities it will be easy, because they still get regional subsidies.

This rule is only risky for two reasons: the total amount of funds for health care to be insufficient and there may be problems with the operational management in the field.

- It remains unclear what the patients in public hospitals will have to pay.


Yes, the law "On the basics of the health of citizens" establishes the possibility of public institutions to provide paid services, but the list of these services is not defined.It is written that almost all kinds of help in all diseases for our citizens free of charge.And then what charge?

The law stipulates that medical organizations have the right to provide patients paid medical services on other conditions than stipulated in the program of state guarantees.And what other conditions?And even the reference is not made to any other normative act.This fuzziness wording objectively will increase the number of paid services in public institutions.A majority of our citizens out of pocket today and so give nothing.

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