Atrophic gastritis : a latent threat

Atrophic gastritis : a latent threat
Atrophic gastritis - is chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa, which is characterized by the gradual withering away of the parietal (glandular) cells.Atrophic gastritis leads to a decrease in gastric acidity and dangerous malignant transformation of cells.

Atrophic gastritis usually develops in adulthood and old age as a result of other forms of gastritis.

The disease usually begins with a student hyperacid (high acidity) gastritis.If patients are not treated seriously, and only resorted to the symptomatic treatment of pain and heartburn antacids, 10-15 years gastric parietal cells are depleted and gradually die.

This leads initially to normalizing, then to a lowering gastric acidity.There hypoacid gastritis, which is also known as atrophic.

clinical onset of atrophic gastritis seen the disappearance of pain and heartburn, gastritis characteristic of hyperacid.Patients believe that the finally cured.In fact, they have developed the most dangerous form of gastritis - its atrophic form.

Atrophic gastritis: Causes

  • most common cause of gastritis in transition hyperacid infection is atrophic patients Helicobacter Pylori, which supports inflammation and prevents the regeneration of the mucous membrane.Without diagnosis and subsequent treatment with antibiotics hyperacid gastritis against the backdrop of H. Pylori necessarily go into a stomach ulcer or atrophic gastritis.
  • relatively rare form of chronic gastritis - autoimmune gastritis, characterized by aggression, by its own immune system against the glandular cells of the stomach.The body in this disease develops specific antibodies - immunoglobulins that selectively damage and cause the death of glandular cells.Autoimmune gastritis without adequate therapy moves quickly into atrophic.
  • Some patients are so careless that continue to stubbornly violate diet for hyperacidity gastritis, preventing recover the gastric mucosa.Eating spicy, fried, salty foods, carbonated drinks, coffee, alcohol, they consciously support the inflammatory process and drain the parietal cells.The systematic violation of the diet is gradually developing atrophic gastritis.

How dangerous atrophic gastritis

Atrophic gastritis refers to precancerous diseases.The glandular epithelium of the stomach do not just die, but gradually transformed into the intestinal partially replaced with cells that produce mucus (mucous).

in cells occur mutations occur metaplasia and epithelial dysplasia (a precancerous condition of the cells border).Before gastric adenocarcinoma is one step.

How to identify atrophic gastritis

Atrophic gastritis has no specific symptoms.From time to time there may be dyspeptic symptoms (pain, heartburn, bloating, heaviness in the stomach, feeling of fullness), which are characteristic of many diseases.

correct diagnosis and determine the degree of atrophy is possible only when the endoscopic stomach study in conjunction with a biopsy.This is the only reliable diagnostic method, which is crucial when choosing a treatment strategy atrophy.

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