Remedy for lice : People's experience

Remedy for lice : People
Pediculosis - a very common disease that occurs in people of all ages from all walks of life.Traditional medicine offers a variety of lice.

Pediculosis is caused by lice - small insects, parasites on the skin of the person and his clothes.There are three types of lice: head, living on the scalp;pubic, lay eggs (nits) on the skin of the pubis and perineum;wardrobes, living in the folds of clothes and striking areas of the body most closely contact with the clothing.

Typically, lice infection occurs through contact with a sick person in areas with large concentrations of people, non-compliance with the rules of hygiene and the use of other people's combs, hats or even headphones.

Symptoms of lice

  • strong itching of the skin;
  • on the scalp and behind the ears visible bite marks;
  • scratches and abscesses at the site of bites;
  • presence of nits which are attached to the hair roots.

10 recipes of folk remedies for lice

  1. proven remedy for lice and nits - kerosene.It must be applied to the hair and
    tightly wrap the head with a towel for two hours.Then, kerosene wash and comb hair comb frequent.This tool should not be used for getting rid of lice in children, because the kerosene damages the scalp and hair.
  2. Just applying a folk remedy for lice, like cranberry juice.It is rubbed into the scalp for a week.
  3. lice Mint: Mint leaves Pour pomegranate juice and boil for 10 minutes.Cool remedy for lice and rub into the scalp.
  4. Citric acid lice: pour a cup of boiling water 10 g of comfrey and 5 g of citric acid.Cool and apply on the scalp for 10 days.
  5. Folk remedy for lice on the basis of wild rosemary.Mix two tablespoons of rosemary and cheremitsy.Add 30 g lard heated press and 12 hours.Then strain and rub in place of defeat lice twice a day for 10 days.
  6. Ointment of parsley.Mix one part of the pounded seeds of garden parsley with four parts petroleum jelly or butter.Apply topically.
  7. To prepare the lice need to take a sprig of pine, put them in an enamel container so that they occupy half the volume.Pour water up to the top and boil for two hours on low heat.In the evening, head wash 72% sodium soap and rinse with warm decoction.Then, without drying, wrap head with a towel for the whole night.
  8. Garlic by lice: peeled garlic cloves finely chop up mushy state and rub it a remedy for lice in the scalp for a week or three times a day.
  9. To combat the louse is recommended to wash the infected laundry at a high temperature in the water with the addition of a crude carbolic acid (Lysol).When
  10. wardrobes body lice should wash infusion of birch leaves and place bites lubricate fish oil, anise, laurel or olive oil.

Preventing lice

should carefully observe good personal hygiene, do not use other people's combs, hairpins, try to avoid contact with potential carriers of lice to prevent head lice reinfestation.

Linens should be regularly washed at a high temperature and always iron, especially in joints.

To prevent infection, you can use herbal remedy for lice, insect repellent - lavender oil or tea tree, which should be applied to clothing and hair.

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