Skin Cancer : Symptoms

The earlier showed signs of melanoma, the sooner you can begin treatment and avoid complications.

Quite often moles are simply a natural decoration.However, a serious risk of birthmark degeneration into a malignant tumor may arise.In order to timely prevent the development of life-threatening disease, you should regularly inspect suspicious birthmarks.Here are some of them.

Normal mole

They are characterized by symmetrical shape, uniform coloring, smooth contours.Generally, the amount does not exceed 6-7 mm.

Important: Inspect moles monthly, paying attention to changes in the shape, color, degree of elevation above the skin surface.The presence of bruising, crusts, and itching and other unusual sensations can be a sign of malignant transformation.


looks like an asymmetrical mole with irregular scalloped edges.Generally, it is larger than 0.5 cm, and have small inclusions in black, brown, red or blue.This mole may be re-created or already existing.

Important: melanoma - the most dan

gerous skin lesions, as it has a tendency to spread to other organs (metastasis).With timely detection it is possible to conduct a successful treatment.

actinic keratosis

Looks like a small crack or a hem, covered with scales and crusts.It can be red, pink, flesh, and the pigment colors.Education Texture rough, often marked by itching and discomfort in his field.

Important: potentially dangerous formation occurring on the face, lips, ears, scalp, neck, forearms and back of the hand.These centers are subject to mandatory removal.

Basal cell carcinoma

may look reddish, pearly pink bleeding hearth or look like a nonhealing constantly cropping up again wound.

Important: Unlike melanoma basal cell carcinoma never appears in place of the already existing moles.Rather, it is formed at the injury site under the influence of excessive UV exposure.With timely detection responds well to treatment, and the threat to life is not.

Squamous cell carcinoma

Thick, rough hearth, covered with scales, with irregular contours, often takes the form of bleeding, and scaly sores.

Important: education is not linked to existing moles and most often appear on the face, lower lip, scalp, back, arms.As in previous cases, early diagnosis - the key to successful treatment.

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