Complications of cholelithiasis

Complications of cholelithiasis
What is cholelithiasis, what are the complications of gallstone disease and what to do if you have gallstones.

What is cholelithiasis

Gallstones (cholelithiasis) - a disease characterized by the formation of gallstones (at least - in the bile ducts).

itself manifestations of gallstone disease has almost no, except in cases where, against a background of overall health, small stones slip into the intestine, and are surprised to find in it the contents of the output.However, this rarely happens.Usually concretions gallbladder complications occur.

Complications of gallstone disease: pain

The most common complication of gallstone disease is an inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis).Normally, after a meal gallbladder contracts and pours into the intestine portion of the accumulated bile.

But if present in the bladder mucosa irritating stones, bladder contractions become painful until the spasms.This is manifested by pain in the right upper quadrant, half an hour or an hour after meals.

These pains may be very different in each case.They may be weak and aching.And can be very intense and paroxysmal, makes contact in the ambulance.These attacks were called biliary colic hundred years ago, and today, when the cause of pain is known thoroughly, it is called simply bile.

When palpation of the right hypochondrium pain intensified, and - on the breath, when the gallbladder for a moment "peeking" out of the liver.In thin patients can find crowded balloon bubble under the abdominal wall, but such patients are given disease, are rare.

textbooks described the classic pain in the right upper quadrant, which gives even above the right clavicle.But it is a classic and that is found only in books.Pain from the gallbladder may be masked under the stomach, heart pain that causes patients initially seeking medical attention is not on the profile.

Complications of gallstone disease: jaundice

Other symptoms are also not too characteristic of cholecystitis: and bloating, and occasional indigestion ... Less during attacks of colic, there may be a slight yellowing of the whites of the eyes.

Doctors call it "easy ikterichnost sclera."But this is a very bad sign, because it can be a sign of impaired outflow of bile.It is much better when such attacks are jaundice with episodes of pain and spasms are caused only.But they can also be caused by stones, which are located at the time of colic in the bile duct and cover.

Even if the stone comes back in a bubble, there is no guarantee that he will not override it again.These gallstones poetically called gating.

intense jaundice that does not go along with biliary colic, is a terrible symptom.The stone in the common bile duct has very little chance to pass into the intestines themselves.Therefore, without outside interference, and - operational, the patient can not do.But, fortunately, is not the most frequent complication.

diagnosis of gallstone disease

Since reliable conclusive evidence of gallstone disease is not so much the final confirmation of the preliminary diagnosis is ultrasound.

Unlike X-ray examination, ultrasound can detect stones of any composition and even a very small size ( "gall sand").But such a diagnosis can meet difficulties in overweight patients, excess intestinal gas or inflammatory changes around the gallbladder.

Therefore, ultrasound of the abdomen is carried out after pre-treatment, and be sure to check back before the operation possible.

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