Flatfoot : symptoms , treatment, prevention

Flatfoot : symptoms , treatment, prevention
Flatfoot - the flattening of the arch of the foot due to the weakening of its musculo-ligamentous apparatus.If inattention to this issue can cause the development of numerous complications in the joints and spine.

Symptoms flatfoot

  • fatigue and stiffness in the feet to the end of the day means that the ligaments and muscles of the foot are beginning to weaken.
  • first stage of flatfoot is characterized in that the feet start to hurt and pain to join the swelling.
  • foot flattens and longitudinally and laterally, and increases in size (trampled) at the second stage of the disease.Pain in the stack is amplified and extends the leg above.Sore ankles and knees.Man can not long walk and stand for long.
  • Severe swelling in the feet and ankle joints, sharp pain from the foot up to the hips, foot deformity and fingers - a sign of the third stage of flatfoot.Brisk walking and jogging are all the more impossible, and walking at a normal pace is given with difficulty.Typically, at this stage in the list of diagn
    oses already have low back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee, incorrect posture.

Why should consult your doctor at the earliest stages of flatfoot?Because only in this case it is possible to slow down the spread of the strain of the lower extremities and joints of the spine, as well as relieve pain

How is flat

flatfoot Treatment varies depending on how the process is running.As a rule, it is built on several fronts.First of all, the treatment of flatfoot is directed to the removal of pain, and then to strengthen the ligaments and muscles of the foot.If the process had to go up, and for the treatment of joints, spine (which, of course, difficult therapy).

So, together with analgesic drugs patients received physiotherapy, massage, physiotherapy, as well as special warm bath for the feet, the resort and spa treatment.

In the initial stages of flatfoot patients prescribed the wearing of special support insoles and liners to prevent curvature of the fingers.If the flat second and third stage, be sure to use orthopedic shoes.

Rules prevention flatfoot

  • Wear on the child's "right" shoes, in accordance with the recommendations of the orthopedist.
  • Do not wear tight shoes, high-heel shoes (according to the observations of doctors, it is more likely to provoke the heel flat feet), as well as flat shoes (UGG boots, slippers).At least, it is necessary to alternate model and uncomfortable shoes with comfortable anatomic footwear, which means sufficient space for the foot and the heel of 2-3 cm.
  • If you have a trade, assuming standing on their feet during the day, be sure to wear insoles under the arch of the foot.
  • necessary to be physically active.Especially useful for the prevention of flat feet running, jumping, walking at a fast pace, that is, everything that strengthens the legs and feet in particular.
  • summer is very useful to walk barefoot on gravel or sand.

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