Treatment of inguinal hernia

Treatment of inguinal hernia
Treatment of inguinal hernia by surgery.Possible operations, their advantages and disadvantages.

What is inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernia - a hernia of the anterior abdominal wall, were detected in the inguinal canal.There are direct inguinal hernia (hernia gate is the medial inguinal fossa) and oblique inguinal hernia, which goes through the lateral inguinal fossa abdominal wall.

Oblique inguinal hernia occurs most direct and in most cases in men.This is because the hernia exits through the inguinal canal, which comprises a male spermatic cord and accompanying vessels.In women, the inguinal canal obliterated (zaraschen), so they are more frequent direct inguinal hernia.

Oblique inguinal hernia appears as a bulge of soft rounded fold over the groin.In advanced cases of inguinal hernia progresses to a significant size, and falls on the inguinal canal into the scrotum, strong stretching it.Women running a hernia may fall into the subcutaneous tissue labia.

diagnosis of inguinal hernias usually do no

t cause difficulties even for physical examination (inspection and palpation).

Treatment of inguinal hernia operations using

Treatment of inguinal hernia is mainly to eliminate hernial ring.The objective of this operation is to allocate hernia sac from the spermatic cord membranes, herniorrhaphy and plastic inguinal canal (if oblique inguinal hernia).

Uncomplicated inguinal hernia operated on adults under local infiltration anesthesia.Postoperative scar is parallel to the inguinal crease, allowing it to hide even swimming trunks on the beach.Postoperative wound heals quickly and without cosmetic defects.

Danger are other complications.Stitches in the fibrous tissue of the inguinal canal are subjected to scarring much longer, so the period after surgery is associated with limitations of physical activity.But even in later periods after surgery there is a risk of recurrence because the bundle of fibrous tissue.The weakness of the abdominal fascia is often seen in the elderly.

Methods of treatment of inguinal hernia

Laparoscopic techniques of surgical treatment of inguinal hernias hernial only eliminated, and, on the part of the abdomen.Usually used for this purpose carbon network.

Because of the risk of adhesive disease, which provokes any manipulation of the peritoneum, by this technique began to refuse.But carbon network as augmentative, patches on the abdominal wall, it worked well.

This mesh is used in the modification of the operation, when the abdominal wall is strengthened without opening the abdominal cavity, including the open (classical) way.There are even endoscopic surgery on inguinal hernias, but difficulties with the review and manipulation of the surgical field is not allowed to receive widespread technique.

general, laparoscopic surgery in the treatment of inguinal hernia is not so harmless.Points punctures abdominal wall necessary for the introduction of manipulators and cameras after surgery may become artificial hernia gate.Therefore, the operation of choice for the treatment of remains "open" hernia repair, for which even a modification to the mini-access is successfully used.

Such modifications are usually performed because of cosmetic reasons, although still easier and more convenient manipulation of the tissues, and the result for a large cross-section - more reliable.

Complications after treatment of an inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernias in the initial stages is not delivered to the patient a lot of anxiety, which contributes to the fact that the hospital people get longer with complications

.Complications can be dangerous not only for the long-term postoperative results, but for the life of the patient.This occurs when strangulated hernia, especially when the hernia fall bowel loops.Therefore inguinal hernia should be operated immediately after detection, as planned, after a full examination and preparation.

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