stress Management

The stress we face each day, not just knock us out of the rut, but also can cause many different can not avoid stress.But you can learn to manage it.

In today's world, with its hectic and saturated socializing and plenty of information to hide from stress is almost impossible.And since you can not avoid stress, you need to at least try to control it.Today, a management skills in stressful situations often become vital, and must hold them each.

first step is to learn to recognize stressors (factors that lead to stress).Depending on the type of stressor selected strategy and tactics to deal with it.

Each person has their own personal weaknesses and peculiarities of the psyche, and hence the stressors for each individual.So, at exactly the same events by different people can react very differently.For example, the loss of a purse for the student, which he was so empty - an unfortunate setback for the pensioner - a tragedy, but for a businessman - a nice excuse to buy a new one.

insurmountable stressors

It stressors, which can not be avoided and which can not affect.These include the high prices, the inevitable taxes, bad weather, the eternal traffic jams, things and events that we are constantly irritated.To cope with this kind of stressors, ask yourself the question: what is the nervous, worry, and curse the heavens to send, if we still can not change anything?If this question does not have a sobering and calming effect, it is worth a try relaxation techniques, meditation or breathing exercises.

Not crucial stressors

stressors Group, the overcoming of which depends entirely on is something with which we not only can, but must deal with.A complex project, exams, personal relationships, and similar situations from everyday life.From these, we can get rid of stressors, mobilizing private resources.The main thing - do not despair and do not give in to discouragement.Strategy "Why me?" Is changed to "What can I do to solve the problem?".That is, shift the focus: Do not be upset about the problem and look for ways to overcome it.

Imaginary stressors

Those events and phenomena of which we create problems.This may be the situation that occurred in the past, that can not change, but about which we continue to regret.We repeatedly losing scenarios of how it was necessary to do.

These are fictitious and hypothetical future situation: we think of something bad and start to fear and worry that this could happen.To deal with this kind of stressors can only be time stopping himself, controlling emotions and not letting upset about non-existent in this event.As they say, the problem is solved as they come.

Positive thinking

good helper in the fight against this and other kinds of stressors can be a technique of positive thinking.In all cases you should try to look for the positive side.And if you lose the events that have not even happened, it's much more useful to represent your brilliant victory than a sad defeat.The power of positive thinking - not fiction and really help get rid of many stressors.

main thing - keep in mind that most of the problems we create ourselves, and many stressors simply invent.

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