Post-traumatic syndrome: disease survivors

person can overcome many things and to adapt to almost any environment.But there are situations that go beyond the ordinary.

Post-traumatic syndrome - a psychological condition that develops after a person with a severe collision, extreme, traumatic events, and manifested a number of clinical symptoms.

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), seen in people who survived the tragic, shocking events that deeply affected the psyche.It can be natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, tsunamis), emergencies and accidents (disasters, war, acts of terrorism, assault, rape, etc.).Any situation in which a person experiences a deep shock and distress because of the threat of their lives or the lives of loved ones, may subsequently lead to the development of PTSD.


  • Anxiety and increased vigilance.Man is always in a state of tension, following closely what is happening around, suspicious, as if expecting an attack or is in danger.
  • violent and aggressive.Sharp sudden reaction to external stim
    uli, the desire to solve the problems with the use of brute force.Emotional and verbal aggression.
  • Apathy . Feeling of loneliness and despair, blunted emotions, bad moods and depression.Lack of sense of joy and pleasure from life.
  • Insomnia.Intermittent sleep, frequent nightmares, which involuntarily recall the details of the traumatic event.Reluctance to go to sleep again to not see nightmares and, as a consequence, sleep problems.
  • Unwelcome memories.Suddenly arising in the minds of paintings from the past, unpleasant scenes associated with a tragic event.Unwelcome memories may appear in the form of nightmares, and while awake.
  • Addiction to alcohol and drugs.
  • survivor guilt.Feelings of guilt, overcome by people who managed to survive the events that cost the life of another.

These and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in the absence of treatment, assistance and support can last from several months to many years.The body, as the mind has its strength and can not cope with everything, especially with such terrible events that may lead to the development of PTSD.Post-traumatic syndrome, as well as any disease requires skilled care.It can be cured, and to stop the symptoms.

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