Aneurysm : what it is

Aneurysm : what it is
What is an aneurysm, what types of aneurysms are and what they're dangerous.

aneurysm - bulging of the vascular wall, which occurs when a combination of high internal pressure (which usually occurs in the arteries) and the weakness of the wall itself.

aneurysm - a pathological limited expansion of the blood vessel.This protrusion of the vessel wall occurs at a combination of high internal pressure, which usually occurs in the arteries, and the weakness of the wall itself.Aortic aneurysms are very rare due to the low pressure in them.

weakness of the vascular wall can be on a background of congenital vascular defects (coarctation of the aorta), or in place of the destruction of the inner shell of the artery.There are congenital aneurysm, but more often identified acquired as a result of vascular injury or infectious lesions (syphilis).

But the main reason, according to experts, is a vascular lesion of atherosclerosis plaques.
Bulging occurs in the arteries of different levels and diameters.And the m

anifestation of the aneurysm can vary greatly depending on the location in the human body.

For example, an aneurysm of the brain arteries may be manifested initially only headaches, due to mechanical pressure adjacent brain areas.Peripheral vascular aneurysm can remind yourself intense pain in the arm or leg.It occurs even cardiac aneurysm.

But the most dangerous are the aortic aneurysm.The aorta - the largest artery in the human body, which directly from the heart ejected blood under the highest pressure.Already from the aorta branched blood vessels that feed the kidneys, intestines, liver and the heart itself.The danger of aneurysms in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčcirculation is to the rapid development of the disease, which is very quickly begins to threaten the patient's life.

Aneurysm: signs

aneurysm itself may initially manifest as a tumor compressing the neighboring organs (heart, intestines).Diagnosis of the disease is very difficult because the disease is mistaken for other disorders.Aneurysm is often discovered by chance during the examination (ultrasound or imaging).

abdominal aortic aneurysm can be mistaken for a tumor of the abdominal cavity, but the hallmark of a ripple.Gain ripple when pressing on the abdomen of the patient should be alerted.

Bulging vessel wall can be filled with a blood clot, sometimes - huge.This clot can trigger a complete occlusion of the vessel and aneurysm rupture with hemorrhage.So many strokes occur.

place for future aneurysm is usually determined by the inner lining of weakness.

Aneurysm: Causes

inner shell artery, in most cases, destroyed atherosclerotic plaques.The likelihood of an aneurysm can be estimated by the prevalence of atherosclerosis in a modern society.Less commonly, the inner shell is affected artery infection, but develop such an aneurysm seems.

most formidable feature is considered to be the occurrence of intense pain, sometimes accompanied by dizziness and loss of consciousness.This condition is called stratification aneurysm.Through blood shell defect under pressure enters the space between the layers.

high pulsating pressure in the arteries contributes to the further stratification of the vessel wall.Against the background of rapidly disintegrating vessel between the shells can also form clots, which suppurate.But the separation of the aneurysm is developing very rapidly from a few hours to several days, and timely diagnosis of the state could save a man's life.

Treatment of aneurysms

aneurysm treatment previously only surgically: abnormal portion was cut with a further cross-linking or grafting the vessel.Today, against the background of the development of minimally invasive methods of treatment, it is possible to block the development of the aneurysm from the inside of the vessel.

To do this in the arterial bed (via the femoral artery) introduced a long flexible tube, which is under the control of X-rays can be made to the aneurysm itself and install the endoprosthesis.Endoprosthesis at the same time strengthens the vascular wall from the inside and off the aneurysm from blood flow.Of course, this method of treatment is possible only for limited indications.

aneurysm is a life-threatening disease.Therefore, it should be timely examination at the slightest suspicion, because of complications can not provide such an opportunity.

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