Precocious puberty : Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

When puberty may be considered premature and why this happens.

Precocious puberty begins at the age of 7.5 years in girls and 9 years in boys.On average, occurs in one out of 5-10 thousand

Precocious puberty:. Causes

Localization in the body of the child of pathological processes that cause early puberty, they are divided into groups.

Central - the true cause puberty, occur most frequently (90%) and with them the process of puberty, although it begins too early, however it occurs naturally, passing all the physiological stage.

True puberty can cause:

  • inflammatory infectious diseases (encephalitis, meningitis, etc.),
  • neoplasms of the central nervous system (pituitary tumor, astrocytoma, hamartomas, and others.),
  • traumatic injuries and disorders of blood supply (ischemia)spinal cord or brain
  • malformations (congenital disorders), central nervous system (hydrocephalus, arachnoid cysts, and others.),
  • radiotherapy carried out in the treatment of cancer.

Peripheral cause false puberty are

rare and always have unfinished character (for example, girls are not going maturation of oocytes, there are no monthly, etc.).

False puberty can cause:

  • disruption of the endocrine glands, accompanied by increased production of sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone) often neoplastic nature (blastoma, lyuteomoy or ovarian cyst, etc.),
  • congenital (hereditary) adrenal hyperplasiaor the presence of hormone-producing adrenal tumors (corticosteroma).

predisposing factor for the development of precocious puberty

  • overweight (fat tissue plays a significant role in the production of estrogens and its excess can lead to increased synthesis of sex hormones),
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • environmentally hostile environment,
  • hereditary population predisposition (more common in the population of Africa, North and South America)

main clinical manifestations of precocious puberty

girls has been a rapid increase in height and breast enlargement (it can be asymmetrical), the early appearance of hair in the armpits, pubic and the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the appearance of acne, etc.

Boys celebrated voice changes (breaking), rapid growth, and the size of the genitals, the early appearance of hair on the upper lip, pubic hair and armpits, the appearance of acne.

In rare cases, children have uneven - "partial" - early sexual development, which marks the premature appearance of one of the signs of puberty, and the rest of the development takes place at the usual time (for example, early breaking voice, the boy, or early breast growthgirls)

Sometimes precocious puberty leads to complications:

  • early stop growth of the child, becauseossification rates ahead of the rate of growth and development of bones,
  • polycystic ovaries, in some cases accompanied by the production of androgens, as well as infertility.

diagnosis of precocious puberty

Typically, diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with hormonal disorders, engaged in children's endocrinologist.It generally refers patients with suspected premature sexual development on the following types of research:

  • definition of "bone age" - radiography of hands (at least - stop), to determine the conformity of biological age (closure of the bone growth zones) passport,
  • MRI (or CT scan) of the brain to detect congenital malformations, tumors and other brain diseases,
  • thyroid ultrasound and pelvic organs,
  • definition tireogormonov levels in the blood,
  • conducting tests with gonadotropin (aftergonadotropin injection in children with premature sexual development peripheral levels of other hormones do not change, and if the central origin of early puberty in children increases the level of FSH and luteinizing hormone).

Precocious puberty: treatment

As a rule, the main therapeutic measures are directed at the underlying disease, which led to premature sexual development (for example, removal of the tumor, the treatment of hydrocephalus, etc.)

Drug correction of elevated levels of sex hormones.This type of treatment is most often carried out when it is impossible to establish the cause of the disease, leading to precocious puberty.For this purpose, typically periodically inject drugs, antagonists of sex hormones to aged normal physiological development.After stopping the injection of these drugs is resumed the process of puberty.

Adapting child to premature puberty is held with the impossibility of eliminating the causes and treatment of the disease, leading to premature sexual development.Of key importance is psychotherapy and child, and his parents, which helps to better understand all the emotional and the mental and physical aspects of the problem.

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