How to protect children's health from the computer

In the last decade due to the rapid development of computer technology is noted increasing their influence on the psyche and the health of the younger generation.

Parents usually do not realize the harm caused by the child's health and frequent long stay at the computer.Of course, developing computer games benefit the child, but it is more related to his mental development than health.Most doctors believe that the computer has a negative impact on the young growing organism.And this applies not only to view, but also the state of the organism as a whole.Indeed, in contrast to the adult organism of children and adolescents is growing, is formed, and its organs and tissues have a high sensitivity to all external influences.

All this requires greater attention and respect for the health and psyche of the child, especially given the increasingly negative impact of the environment, as well as the steady increase in the flow of information, combined with the increased tendency to inactivity (reduced physic

al activity).Gone are the long walks outdoors, active and mobile games in the open air in a circle of peers.Now see children on the street more often accompanied by an adult who always once and are always somewhere in a hurry.As for sports, most often they are held indoors and are usually not when the body of a child in need of motor activity and discharge, and according to the schedule of the coach.


That is why children and young people spend more time watching TV and computer, playing games or browsing the cartoons and movies on DVD.Pediatricians also increasingly ascertain blurred vision in young patients, even attending kindergarten.At school, children with visual impairment is increasing, as well as a growing number of adolescents with impaired posture, early development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, weakened the work of the cardiovascular system and a number of other diseases.

fun hour

Scientists have found that the optimal time allowed to communicate with computers for preschoolers is not more than 10-15 minutes a day.For children of primary school age, this period is increased to half an hour, it is desirable to have high school students to monitor a maximum of 2-3 hours a day.Adults are encouraged to work at a computer no more than 6 hours.Of course, all people are busy, and it is clear that adhere to these recommendations difficult.But you can at least every 40-50 minutes to arrange his eyes unloading: get up from the workplace, to walk, to look out the window, etc.

is also not recommended to use the computer in the evening when the light is off completely, since it increases the load on the eye muscles and they get tired more quickly.At the same time, it should not have a light source behind, as on the screen may appear glare, also contributing to excessive eye strain that can cause their redness, and sometimes headache.


But as these recommendations are not very often taken into account, especially teenagers, is becoming increasingly important early formation of the children hygiene habits of view, which include not only the right eye care and respect for an optimal working modeand recreation for the children's eyes, but the possession of skills timely relaxation eye, the ability to give them a holiday to restore vision and relieve fatigue.Moreover, it is desirable that these skills have become as familiar, semi-automatic as washing hands, brushing teeth and so on. D. This means that the child should be taught to them as soon as possible, starting with pre-school age, and the role of parents is indispensable, although some of theresponsibility lies with the kindergarten teacher, and teachers of secondary schools.

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