Rozsa (illness ) : it

Rozsa (illness ) : it
Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of erysipelas.

What kind of disease erysipelas

erysipelas (erysipelas) - infectious skin lesions.The causative agent is streptococcus.Bacteria in most cases penetrate the skin through abrasions and other injuries.

summer-autumn period - the growth of the incidence of erysipelas.This is due to active multiplication of microflora in the environment, and with increased injury.

Areas defeat mug

Proliferation defeat mug - shin, which in summer is completely open and most other parts of the body receive superficial damage.

scrapes and scratches can be produced thorns and bushes, as well as in the fall.All this is often befall the children during the summer holidays.

Rozsa: a disease of a weak immune

Attention is drawn to the fact that streptococci are conditionally pathogenic flora.That is, these bacteria are present almost everywhere, and abrasions with scratches in our lives is not uncommon, but not all sick.Therefore, the main factor in the

development of the disease is the immune system, both general and local.

Local immunity may be reduced due to impaired venous drainage, so often erysipelas occurs in older women, with manifestations of venous insufficiency.It happens that erysipelas is attached to an existing wound infections.

total immunity may be undermined by diabetes or age-related changes.Under such conditions, staphylococcal infection can develop from any source, even from its own sources in the other organs.

Rozsa, as if it did not sound logical, found in the facial area.But regardless of the place of occurrence, the disease is considered very dangerous because of intoxication, so the house is treated only a mild form of the disease, all the rest - only in a hospital.

Rozsa: symptoms

The disease begins with a sharp rise in temperature (up to 39 ° C and above), accompanied by chills, headache and nausea.Infected skin for a few hours becomes bright redness (erythema) and swelling pronounced tight.

inflamed area is clearly separated from the non-inflamed that, together with the strong reddening, gave a poetic name signs - "flames".This form of the disease called erythematous.

If on a background of redness (erythema) appear hemorrhage, the form already referred erythematous-hemorrhagic.

very unpleasant symptom is the appearance of bubbles on the surface of the skin with clear or hemorrhagic content.The bubbles merge to form large blisters (bullae), for that form of the disease called bullous.After allowing the opening of bulls produced erosions and ulcers, crusting.

healing such ulcers is complicated because of the tight skin edema and lymphatic stagnation.For existing streptococcal infection and staphylococcal joins.In response to the inflammation of the lymph nodes corresponding increase - inguinal, if struck by the leg.

infectious lesion is considered to be serious, because in unfavorable course can develop into sepsis and cause toxic shock syndrome, and this is threatening the patient's life.Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of erysipelas, you should immediately consult a physician, preferably - a surgeon.

Treatment faces

Treatment of erysipelas is, first of all, in the use of antibiotics.Antibiotics appoint a doctor.The effectiveness of antibiotics only when the maximum injection method of administration, therefore, attempts to avoid injections may affect the course of treatment.In addition to antibiotic therapy using drugs that support the immune system.

Additionally prescribed aseptic dressings if there bullous lesions, inflamed area irradiation with ultraviolet rays.Defective course of antibiotics, especially immunity could lead to a protracted course or even a relapse.In severe cases of erysipelas can be repeated as many times as immune to infection is not formed.

Prevention erysipelas

as prevention of erysipelas should be used to see how the treatment of wounds and abrasions.It is worth noting that the iodine, or rather its alcoholic solution, is used only for the treatment of wound edges.Plaster is better to use only for fastening gauze bandage, not to close the wound, because a patch very quickly arises Moisture and proliferation of the infection.Remember, simple methods of prevention of infection, can protect against very serious consequences.

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