Stendhal syndrome : too much beauty

Stendhal syndrome : too much beauty
People lose consciousness at the sight of the paintings of the great masters, crying at the old icons and believe in miracles.Doctors call this condition Stendhal syndrome.

Stendhal Syndrome - a psychosomatic disorder that manifests itself in people, too sharply and subtly undergoing impressions at the sight of works of art, beautiful landscapes, and other manifestations of beauty.

syndrome got its name from Henri Stendhal, the famous French writer, who described his impressions of the visit to the Church of the Holy Cross in Florence.The writer was so impressed by the beauty of the Cathedral and Giotto's famous frescoes, that he went out, almost lost consciousness.

first Stendhal syndrome was described in 1979, after the study of human behavior in the same cathedral.Not only Stendhal fell ill on the proximity of so many beauty - many tourists are experiencing the same feelings and to this day.

Stendhal Syndrome: Symptoms

In the presence of a large number of works of art (. In museums, art galler

ies, etc.) a person begins to experience dizziness, palpitations, rapid pulse, at least - disorientation and hallucinations.

man experiencing an attack of Stendhal Syndrome, it begins to seem as if he is immersed in a particularly impressed with his picture and transferred to an imaginary and wonderful reality.

risk groups

believed that the most likely to develop the syndrome of Stendhal people educated, developed, creative, with a good perception of art.Most often it is the women.However, the syndrome can also occur in men (especially classical or religious education).

In addition, the likelihood of the development of the syndrome increases with long-term training and long wait for a visit of a museum.

course Stendhal syndrome is quite rare, though guards most visited Italian museums are taught behavior with people suffering from this syndrome.

Stendhal Syndrome Treatment

Treatment Stendhal syndrome is not described as a disorder is extremely rare and only in the vicinity of works of art, so do not interfere with fulfilling life.And whether it is necessary to treat the syndrome, which manifests itself in a subtle sense of natures from an overabundance of beauty?After all beautiful in our lives not so much.

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