Stress can lead to psychosomatic diseases

All diseases of the nerves - long known wisdom, which received scientific justification.

disease, a major role in the development of which plays a psychological stress, called psychosomatic.Simply put, psychosomatic disease - are diseases that appear on the "nervous system", that is, under the influence of psychological or emotional factors.And the list of such diseases is large enough.The most common ones are: stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, hypertension, asthma, ulcerative colitis, atopic dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and others.Furthermore, psychological stress plays an important role in the development of diseases such as diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, migraine.Even in diseases of infectious nature, in which stress can be the root cause, it has a negative effect, weakening the immune system and its ability to resist infection.

role of stress in the development of psychosomatic diseases has been repeatedly proven in experiments on animals of different species.For example, in one of the experiments

, monkeys were separated couple, sit on adjacent cells and settles to the female of another male.Left alone in a cage for the male died of a heart attack, hard shifting treason.On the stress people often have an even more devastating effect.

Psychological stress affects the body through the autonomic nervous system.Initially, in a stressful situation, the body starts to adapt a non-specific mechanism.This may be a reaction on the part of the excretory organs: excessive sweating, frequent urination, even diarrhea - symptoms manifested the adaptation syndrome in some people before important events, whether it be a responsible meeting, an exam or a wedding.A common indicator of the effects of stress is heart palpitations and high blood pressure.Another symptom of stress reaction can be temperature - the temperature rise to 37-37,5 ° C, more characteristic of young children (with fatigue, teething, crying after a long) and some women.

For prolonged traumatic stress or constant and frequent repetition of the non-specific reaction develops in particular, that is beginning to be affected individual organs and systems.That is exactly what organs and systems are affected by stress in the first place, due to a genetic predisposition, as well as the general state of man, his character and personality characteristics.So, for example, the choleric, irascible, and more active individuals more likely to develop heart disease, hypertension, and in closed and impressionable ulcerative colitis may occur sooner.

Considering all the features of psychosomatic diseases, their treatment should include several steps.The first cropped manifested physical symptoms of the disease, ie,directly treated gastric ulcer or hypertension.Then it can be used psychotropic drugs, which are already indirectly, allow the body to get rid of the physiological symptoms, helping him cope with stress.And another, an important element in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases is to eliminate the stressors and psychological factors that led to the development of the disease.And this has no doctor can not help, to deal with the source of stress is necessary to their own or with the help of close friends.

But prevention is always better than cure.Therefore, to cope with stress and the factors causing its best before the onset of clinical symptoms of psychosomatic diseases.

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