Hemorrhoids : a problem that plagues life

the early stages of hemorrhoids can be treated with medication and diet.In a state of neglect needed surgery.

Hemorrhoids - a disease caused by varicose veins of the rectum.With this disease eventually meets 70% of people.


hemorrhoids in the anal canal located human hemorrhoids - mucosal folds overlapping the channel and with the muscles of the anal sphincter hold the stool.

sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity on the background of malnutrition can lead to stagnation of blood in the pelvic area and frequent constipation.But in chronic overexertion rectum suffer vascular wall in the area of ​​hemorrhoids that make rectal venous plexus.Blood supply units is broken, they increase in size, deformed and may even bulge out.

Among other causes of hemorrhoids - birth defects veins of the rectum;obesity;Inflammatory diseases in the pelvic area, violating the outflow of blood from the rectum, pelvis and lower limb;excessive love of salty, spicy, spicy and smoked;sexual preferences, fo

r which there is risk of damage to the rectal wall.Hemorrhoids often develops during pregnancy because the uterus puts pressure on the blood vessels that supply blood to the hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

In the initial stages of the disease the patient feels a burning sensation and itching in the anus and marks the minor impurities of blood during defecation.At this stage of hemorrhoids is still quite successfully treated by medication.

However, if the delay the process of the campaign to the proctologist, the symptoms worsen.The amount of blood during defecation significantly increased, up to a serious blood loss.The person feels constant pain in the anus, expressed discomfort with hemorrhoids prolapse outside, weakness and fatigue.

Dropping out hemorrhoids cause considerable inconvenience to the patient.If stage 1 disease hair loss occurs only during defecation and reduce a self, then 2-3 loss stages of nodes is unpredictable and requires a visit to a doctor.

fraught paraproctitis disease, thrombosis hemorrhoid veins and the development of acute thrombosis and the need to lay down on the operating table.


hemorrhoids treatment of hemorrhoids has been a proctologist.You may need additional counseling and treatment to a gastroenterologist surgeon.During the diagnosis, in addition to the inspection of the anal area and the digital rectal examination of the rectum, the doctor can carry out the procedure proktosigmoskopiiYu sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy.

in its manifestations similar to hemorrhoids anal fissure, diverticulosis, inflammatory disease or a tumor of the colon.

Treating hemorrhoids

If the disease is at a stage that is still amenable to medical treatment, first of all, it is assigned a rigid diet, which completely eliminates alcohol, spicy and savory dishes, as well as containing plenty of fiber.Fluid intake should be at least 2 liters per day.

obligatory element of treatment is physical activity, with the exception of cycling and strength training.Especially useful for swimming and aerobics.Appointed as regular hygienic measures (baths with potassium permanganate).

appointed laxative To eliminate constipation.To strengthen the walls of blood vessels - angioprotective drugs.If the hemorrhoids to have joined a secondary bacterial infection, you need to take a course of antibiotic treatment.

If drug therapy does not bring the desired effect, then, depending on the stage of the disease, carried out one of the following procedures:

  • sclerotherapy - in hemorrhoids injected drug, under the influence of which the vessels are replaced by connective tissue;
  • ligation of nodes with latex rings - removal of hemorrhoids after dressing them with latex rubber.After the cessation of blood flow to the site, he rejected with the ligature on the 11-14 day;
  • focal infrared coagulation - removal of nodes using high temperatures;
  • cryotherapy - removal of hemorrhoids using a low temperature;
  • thrombectomy - the removal of thrombus hemorrhoid during exacerbation of hemorrhoids;
  • gemorroidoektomiya - surgical removal of hemorrhoids using their excision.

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