Cryosurgery and cryotherapy : cold as medicine

cold treatment is used since ancient times, but only recently received scientific justification.

How cold is used in medicine?

Currently, the medicine most commonly used 2 such areas as cryosurgery and cryotherapy.


is a local method of correction and destruction of abnormal tissue (tumor, ulcer defects, etc.), are not treatable with conservative methods.Thus locally using extremely low temperatures in the range from - 100C to -180ºS that lead to almost instantaneous destruction of the pathological tissue rejection and its subsequent rapid regeneration of the treated area.The most widely used method of cryoablation found in oncology, surgery and cosmetology.

When cryotherapy

on human organs and tissues also briefly exposed to low temperatures, but in a therapeutic (non-destructive) range.It is possible to use two types of procedures:

  • overall impact

    (cryosauna, cold chamber, etc.), consisting in the short-term effects of low temperatures on the whole body,

  • local,

    at which the localexposure to low temperatures (typically in the range of -40 ° C, -60 ° C) on the sick organ or body part, special vehicles, feed the hose cooled air (but it is possible to use other agents of cold) are used for this purpose.

In Russia, local cryotherapy using as a cooling agent chilled air was introduced into clinical practice in 2000 and became very popular among doctors when prescribing complex treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.

What is the therapeutic effect of local cryotherapy?

As a result, local and short-term exposure to low temperatures there is a temporary narrowing of blood vessels.It is then followed by not only their expansion, but also the inclusion of reserve microvessel, which greatly activates blood circulation and metabolism in the affected organ (the treated part of the body).In this case there is no change of the whole body thermoregulation and hypothermia.At the same time in the tissues of the treated area accumulates Kholodov special agents that stimulate the production of antibodies and immune enhancement, and restoration processes (often called reparative regeneration) in the inflammation.

As shown holding cryotherapy?

most effective cryotherapy in cases when it is necessary to provide multifaceted therapeutic effect on the patient's body:

  • to treat acute and chronic pain, muscle spasms and inflammatory changes,
  • to improve blood circulation in the affected organ (body),
  • to activate the regeneration processes of immunity and improve metabolism,
  • to restore motor function and increase range of motion in general.

What diseases can be treated with cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy blends well with a variety of local and general methods of treatment, and is most often used in conjunction with them.Especially shows her holding at the lowest efficiency or are hypersensitive to the drug therapy as well as for the treatment of patients in the postoperative period, and post-traumatic rehabilitation.Moreover, the use of cryotherapy is shown both in the acute period of the disease, and without exacerbation.

Here are the most frequent

indications for local cryotherapy


  • arthritis and arthrosis, bursitis, epicondylitis, gout,
  • osteochondrosis, spondylosis, spondilartroz,
  • pain and spasms in the muscles of different nature,
  • ligamentity, peritendinity, ligamentozy (ligament inflammation of tendons), "heel spurs»,
  • neuritis, neuralgia, radiculitis, frozen shoulder,
  • sprains and muscle injuries, sprains, all joint injuries, concussion,
  • cosmetic surgery and procedures(before and after the elections).

cryotherapy procedures

comfortable, painless and safe, and with them there is no side effects, micro traumas and injuries.They are short-term and to carry them out does not require special preparation of the patient.The greatest effect is achieved with daily procedures (but not less than 10-12), their duration, pressure, and flow rate of the chilled and other parameters are selected individually physician and depend on the patient's disease.

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