Shoulder plexitis

Shoulder plexitis
Shoulder plexitis - damage to the nerves of the brachial plexus - an extremely unpleasant disease, often leading to a partial disability of the person, making it virtually helpless.This is understandable - it is mainly the painful process of striking a leading, active hand in right-handers - right, left-handers - left.

There are many methods of diagnosis and effective treatment of inflammation of the nerves of the brachial plexus.But due to lack of awareness of patients to doctors increasingly have to deal with advanced and difficult to treat cases.

Try at least a short time without leading hand - and you will understand how difficult and uncomfortable.But in patients with shoulder plexites than full or partial dysfunction of the leading hand in the diseased limb intermittently or constantly there are pains of different nature and intensity.

most strongly they bother at night, with minimum movements, especially when lifting arms up and / or institution of her back.Dramatically reduced the power musc

les of the hand, disrupted the usual fine motor skills (the patient can not fasten buttons on clothes, open the door with a key, pick up and hold a minimum load, and even regular cup in hand).

In severe and advanced cases can be a complete loss of sensation, the occurrence of paresis and paralysis, atrophy of the muscles of the hand.

Shoulder plexitis: Causes Causes

shoulder plexitis set.Here are the most common:

  • injury cervical roots or the brachial plexus at dislocations of the shoulder joint, fracture of the clavicle, stretching the ligaments of the shoulder joint,
  • compression of the brachial plexus nerves with long-term stay in an uncomfortable position, such as during deep sleep, as well as in bedridden patientswhen working in an awkward position, etc.,
  • cervical-thoracic osteochondrosis - one of the most frequent causes of radikulopleksita,
  • long Microfracture brachial plexus (for example, using crutches, with a certain kind of work related to the use Percussiveetc.)
  • plexites as a result of birth trauma,
  • metabolic disease (gout, diabetes and others)
  • disease of the lymph nodes, additional "cervical rib" and other options costoclavicular syndrome (subclavian artery aneurysm,tumor),
  • bruises, contusions and gunshot wounds to the shoulder joint, shoulder girdle and neck area.

What to do if symptoms of shoulder plexitis

one answer - you need as soon as possible to address to the skilled artisan, and not to self-medicate, driving deep into the disease, eliminating only the symptoms and not the root cause of the disease.

He will appoint you to the appropriate examination to clarify the causes of shoulder plexitis.

This can be:

  • electroneuromyography,
  • X-ray examination,
  • computer or magnetic resonance imaging,
  • ultrasound diagnostics, etc.

Shoulder plexitis: treatment

After comprehensive examination and diagnosis, the doctor will develop for you an individual set of remedial measures that will help in the shortest possible time to restore your health and to prevent the occurrence of these diseases in the future.

It can be traditional and alternative therapies:

  • spot and drug therapy,
  • injection (para-articular block) using highly modern medicines,
  • different types of electrotherapy,
  • laser - and cryotherapy,
  • massage,osteopathy,
  • balneological therapies,
  • different types of acupuncture,
  • physiotherapy,
  • hirudotherapy,
  • different types of treatment methods of eastern medicine.

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