Intestinal obstruction : What You Need to Know

Intestinal obstruction : What You Need to Know
What is intestinal obstruction, what are its causes and varieties.

Intestinal obstruction - a violation of advancement through the intestines content.This condition is characterized by a complex of disorders that threaten the life of the patient, and therefore demands the immediate, often surgical treatment.

continuous and smooth progress on the contents of the intestine is carried out coordinated work of the smooth muscle.Violation of this non-stop conveyor leading to severe syndrome.

Intestinal obstruction: Causes

causes leading to intestinal obstruction, associated with either an obstacle in the way of content, or a disorder of motility.

Therefore ileus is divided into two types: manual and dynamic.

mechanical obstruction can cause abdominal adhesions.For many patients, even several years after abdominal operations, returned to the surgical hospital with symptoms of intestinal obstruction.Condition became known as adhesive disease.Also, quite often bowel loops may be diminished in the hernia.

intestine may be squeezed from the outside tumors or enlarged organs.For example, crowded and stretch the bladder as a result of BPH may compress the intestine in the lower divisions.

Obstruction can occur because of the bowel, so bowel tumors manifest themselves relatively late, when overlapping the clearance, partially or completely.Foreign bodies can also be an obstacle, regardless of whether they were from the body of the end of the digestive tract.

Dynamic obstruction is very common in older people.The weak activity of the intestine, manifested habitual constipation, can result in fecal blockages and the inability to continue to promote the content.The extremes in the diet also affect the function of the intestine.

fiber, being necessary for the normal formation of feces in excessive quantities can cause intestinal obstruction phenomena.

abrupt transition from breastfeeding in a similar manner may adversely affect the baby's health.It is very common in the surgery can be considered intestinal paralysis as a response to inflammation of the peritoneum, for various reasons (eg, perforation of stomach ulcers).

Intestinal obstruction: signs

main symptom of intestinal obstruction is a pain.A characteristic feature of this pain is the frequency (approximately 10 minutes), since it is associated with motility.The intensity of pain increases with each passing hour.In severe cases, painful peristalsis is exhausted, and the pain becomes constant.

In addition to promoting the chyme is broken and the separation of the gases, which are overflowing bowel loops, lead to severe bloating.Stagnation in the lumen of the intestine leads to progressive violations of water-salt metabolism and increasing intoxication.Nausea is replaced by vomiting, weakness accompanied by disruptions of the heart.

In emergency surgery the most important method of confirming the diagnosis is the plain radiography of the abdominal cavity.Although other methods can add significantly to the overall picture of the disease.

treatment of intestinal obstruction

Depending on the cause of the obstruction, surgical tactics may be different.Mechanical obstruction usually require urgent surgical intervention.Short infusion preparation before the operation is allowed to, at least temporarily, to correct violations of water-salt.

In dynamic obstruction of open surgery can not correct the underlying cause.Surgery may help remove the blockage, drain the intestinal lumen tube multimeter, but the main problem with the dynamic occlusion - to restore peristalsis.This is possible only after the elimination of violations of water-salt and possible inflammation of the peritoneum (peritonitis).

How to behave

course, any reception of even a small amount of food can aggravate the condition of the patient, so from the time of suspicion of intestinal obstruction meal is strictly prohibited, and compensation liquid produced by a drip (infusion therapy).

When repeated attacks of obstruction Patients must monitor their diet, avoiding excessive amounts of fiber and foods that cause flatulence.It should be neat with many diets that promote long-term fasting with enemas.After a period of forced fasting intestine should be returned to the previous work gradually to avoid bloat.

balanced diet, and regular physical activity can help to maintain physiological functions in the intestine permanent "form".

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