Therapeutic exercise for the joints

Therapeutic exercise for the joints
Therapeutic exercise - one of the areas of medicine, using a variety of exercises for the treatment, recovery, maintenance therapy and prevention of diseases of various organs and systems.Tell us how to apply therapeutic exercise for the joints.

Therapeutic exercise for the joints - one of the most important components of treatment.

Through regular exercise can not only maintain their mobility, but also to increase the range of motion, improve blood circulation and metabolism in the surrounding joint muscles and ligaments.

This improves the development of intra-articular (synovial) fluid and nutrition intra-articular cartilage gradually disappear swelling and cramps, the pain goes away, improves overall health, normal blood pressure and acute diseases are less common and less severe.

patients, regular exercise, gradually increasing the load, and periodically changing sets of exercises, increase efficiency, less fatigued and sleep tight.They are more optimistic about life, plus improved overall qual

ity of life.

before the training exercise therapy for

joints Before beginning employment by physiotherapy exercises for the joints, you should consult with your doctor, as well as, if possible, to consult with a doctor of physiotherapy that will help select the optimal set of exercises and tell you when, in whatvolume, tempo, and how they perform better.

should also consider the stage of the inflammatory process.

In acute need to limit the motor activity.Do not do the exercises through the pain, especially if you feel alone even in severe pain, swelling and redness of the joint.In the absence of pain and edema may be expressed perform passive exercises with pre-massage the patient area to prevent muscle atrophy.In healthy joints can give reasonable (habitual) load.

In subacute period should gradually increase the motor load, starting with a few exercises 2-3 times at a slow pace, without causing amplification of pain when they are executed, or after using the previous exercise.If the execution of multiple exercise is easy, you can increase their number, is not accelerating at the same pace and making no sudden movements (to be given the opportunity to faint during the exacerbation of the muscles gradually recover its former strength, and joints - mobility).

In remission is possible to increase the load slowly.Not worth much tired.Develop joints should be gradual and only achieving a sustained improvement, move on to other types of exercise.

In some cases, you can start developing joint in a warm bath or basin, where the vertical (weight) load is less.

Therapeutic exercise for the joints: how to deal with

If mainly concerned leg joints, exercise is best done in a horizontal posture or sitting (especially at the initial stage).You must try to do the exercises with a maximum range of motion in the range of pain-free, and not at maximum speed, so as not to injure the joints.

The optimal exercises 2-3 times a day, taking into account health and individual empowerment.After the exercise allowed the appearance of light, quickly passing fatigue.Perhaps a small (16-20 bpm) increase in heart rate after exercise, but after 7-10 minutes of rest he should bounce back.

During the exercise should not be a shortness of breath, heart palpitations, high blood pressure spikes, dizziness, weakness, fever.In the event of such symptoms should stop the exercise, take a break, to reduce the intensity of the load, and to consult with the attending physician.

While improving the state can start to use additional tools and shells: elastic bandage, expander, gymnastic stick, small dumbbells, etc.

also possible the gradual inclusion of simple exercises simulators, which is dominated by a passive type of movement.At the same time we should not forget that the main goal is not to power the load, and the gradual development of the joints with the restoration of their functions.For healthy limbs recommended general developmental exercises in the usual range of the engine.

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