Meals for osteoporosis

Meals for osteoporosis
Correctly chosen diet is not only a good way to prevent osteoporosis, but also an important component of the treatment of the disease.

Osteoporosis (reduced bone density) - a frequent companion of arthritis and arthritis of various origins.And if at a young age, he is more local in nature (mainly in the affected joint area), then as far as aging is increasingly a common osteoporosis observed combination (all bones) with a marked decrease in the local bone density.

This is due to hormonal changes in the body, especially the joints of the disease and limitation of physical activity due to the pain and swelling.

Osteoporosis can appear in many other diseases associated with impaired calcium metabolism (in diseases of the digestive system, leading to a decrease in calcium absorption in the intestine; in diseases of the kidneys, causing increased excretion of calcium, etc.).

In addition to medication, a very important role plays a particularly nutrition in osteoporosis and maintain physical activity.

Power osteoporosis: features

  • eating foods rich in calcium (cheese, cottage cheese, almonds, sesame seeds, sardines, cabbage, turnips, celery, etc.) and vitamin the D (cod liver oil, egg yolk, cream, liver,cheese, sesame seeds);
  • minimize the consumption of foods containing saturated fatty acids, since they reduce the absorption of calcium (mayonnaise, margarine, beef and mutton tallow, and the like);
  • eliminate caffeine, which normally increases the excretion of calcium by the kidneys (coffee, cocoa, strong tea, chocolate, etc.);
  • eliminate alcohol and limit the use of diuretic drugs (contribute to calcium excretion in the urine);
  • not drink carbonated beverages such as cola;
  • limit intake of meat products (they contain phosphorous in the intestines can form compounds with calcium, which is practically not absorbed by the body);
  • include in the diet of foods rich in zinc, which increases the need for osteoporosis almost doubled (beans, celery, liver, seafood, pumpkin seeds, etc.);
  • to improve the metabolic processes in bone pitaniepri osteoporosis should include foods rich in folic acid and B vitamins (fish, seafood, whole grains, cereals, brewer's yeast, beef liver, legumes, nuts);
  • nutrition in osteoporosis should be rich in magnesium to accelerate the process of bone formation (fish, seafood, dairy products and grains, leafy vegetables, bananas, walnuts, almonds, etc.);
  • to fill the needs of the organism in other vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, it is desirable to drink 1-2 glasses of freshly squeezed juice or a mixture thereof (carrot, celery, spinach, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage).

For better absorption of all components of the food should be eaten 4-6 times a day in small portions.We should not forget that vitamin D, necessary for normal bone formation, can be produced in the skin by exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet part of the spectrum), and therefore is useful to spend some time outdoors.

should agree intake of vitamins, trace elements (in the form of pills, tablets, oil solutions) and supplements with your doctor, who will select the individual dosage according to the degree of severity of osteoporosis and the presence of other diseases.

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