Dmitry Medvedev signed the Federal Law "On the basis of public health protection in the Russian Federation "

federal law passed by the State Duma on November 1, 2011 the Federation Council approved November 9, 2011.

federal law regulates relations arising in the sphere of health protection in the Russian Federation.

Federal Law defined, in particular, the concept of "health", "health", "health care", "prevention", "treatment", "patient", "health worker", "pharmaceutical worker", "doctor "," disease "," quality of care "," medical devices "," medical rehabilitation "," medical examination "," medical examination. "

Federal law establishes:

basic principles of health care, which is also assigned the rights of citizens and provision related to these rights of state guarantees, the priority of children's health, social protection of citizens in case of health loss, responsible authoritiesstate authorities and local self-government bodies and officials for ensuring the rights of citizens in the field of health, availability, and quality of care;
rights of certain categories of citizens to health care
tniki engaged in work with harmful and (or) dangerous production factors, military);
family law in the field of health, the rights of pregnant women and mothers of minors;
features of the organization of medical care to certain categories of patients, including those suffering from socially significant diseases, diseases that are a danger to others, rare (orphan) diseases.
The federal law defined as provided by the citizens' right to health protection as a procedure for the provision of health care is realized right to health care, set in the guaranteed volume of free of charge and the procedure for obtaining the paid services are the rights of the patient, revealed the concept and procedurecottages informed consent to medical intervention (rejecting it), set the procedure for obtaining information about the patient's state of health and the factors that affect health, as well as the procedure for selecting a physician and citizen of the medical organization.
Federal law that makes the public health system, municipal and private health care systems, as well as defined how they shall function.
The Federal Law defines the types of care (primary care, specialized, including high-tech, emergency, palliative), its form (emergency, urgent, planned) and the conditions of its provision (outside the medical institution, outpatient, inpatient), found that health care is organized and provided in accordance with the procedures binding on the entire territory of the Russian Federation by all medical organizations, and based on the standards of care.
The federal law regulates issues related to the birth of a child, the use of assisted reproductive technologies, donation of human organs and tissues and their transplantation (transplant).

The federal law defined:

objectives of and procedures for conducting medical examinations (examination of temporary disability, medical and social, military, medical, forensic and forensic psychiatric examination, the examination of professional competence and expertise of the disease due toprofession, examination of quality of care), as well as a medical examination;
medical activities carried out in connection with the death of a person, procedure for post-mortem autopsy and order the use of the body, organs and tissues of a deceased person.
federal law regulated the relations connected with the implementation of medical and pharmaceutical activity, including:
- defines the rights and responsibilities of health care organizations;
- defines the rights and responsibilities of medical and pharmaceutical workers, have restrictions imposed on these workers in the exercise of their professional activities;
- spelled out the peculiarities of the professional organizations, established medical and pharmaceutical workers on the basis of affiliation to the specified categories of employees or membership of a profession (doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, pharmacists) or belonging to a medical specialty;The features of the practical training of medical and pharmaceutical workers.
The federal law defines the sources of financial support in the health sector, the list of types of medical care, and the list of medical services that are not payable for out of pocket, the composition of the program of state guarantees of free provision of citizens health care and the order of its approval andthe territorial programs of state guarantees of free medical care provision to citizens and the procedure for their approval.
The Federal Law delineated powers in the field of health between the federal bodies of executive power, bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation and local authorities.
The federal law regulates issues related to the implementation of medical activities of quality control and safety, defined forms and methods of its implementation, as well as the procedure of state control over the handling of medical devices.
Federal Law establishes responsibility for violations in the sphere of health protection of citizens' rights, damage to life and (or) health of citizens in providing them medical assistance.
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