Laser correction or Peace in bright colors

90% of the information people receive with the help of an eye, and if it is deprived of this, the personality of the "cut off" a very significant part.

4-5 million people on the planet Earth are deprived of full and if we talk about Russia, it's a few hundred thousand.Of course, there are other senses: hearing, smell, touch, taste.But the eye is a universal body, which can replace several senses.

Technology LASIK

One of the most advanced methods of vision correction today - laser correction procedure for LASIK and SUPERLASIK.Methods LASIK (LASIK) worldwide it recognized as the most gentle and safe, as it does not harm the cornea.It is used to treat hyperopia (+ -4D), myopia (up to -15D) and astigmatism (+ -3D).

In this operation on the cornea using a special instrument (microkeratome) is a valve.Then, using an excimer laser uniform inner layers of the cornea necessary to evaporate for accurate depth of focus, and then returns to the valve seat.The operation on laser correction of myopia reduce

s the rehabilitation period of several days and performed by a qualified surgeon, virtually no side effects and complications.

In addition, when using the latest generation of lasers (these technologies available in Russia - they have successfully used the most advanced ophthalmological centers) it was possible to fully adjust even complications caused by previously transferred refractive surgery.

It is about restoring the quality of vision in patients with complicated forms of hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness) and, most importantly, in people with congenital or acquired aberrations (distortion) of high order.


Excimer laser vision correction method SUPERLASIK (SUPERLASIK) - a technology that meets the highest standards of world ophthalmology.It is also recommended that those patients whose lifestyle, profession require special quality.

purpose of each laser correction is not only to achieve good vision, but also to improve the quality of the visual life of the patient.It is determined by a variety of many different parameters such as dark adaptation, visual acuity in low light conditions, of comfort when working on a PC or night driving, etc.

SUPERLASIK technology allows you to select parameters of the operation so as to take into account not only the features of the visual system, but the features of the visual activity and wishes of the individual patient.

Unlike other technologies, the impact on the parameters of the laser technique SUPERLASIK calculated based on the unique research complex WaveScan wavefront analyzer.It allows you to take into account all the structural features of the visual system of the patient, most accurately calculate the parameters of the laser correction and simulate such a surface of the cornea, which is the maximum offset all the distortions.

If in the course of research on wavefront analyzer aberrametricheskom WaveScan revealed that significant distortion of higher order does not have much effect, patients underwent laser correction for conventional LASIK procedure.

How do

LASIK procedure is performed on an outpatient basis: the patient is kept under observation in the clinic for an hour, and then can go home safely.

The very next day, you can get to work, watch TV, use the computer, and continue to lead a normal life.

There are a few exceptions:

  • not touch eyes with hands - within three days after the operation;
  • can not drive a car - three days;
  • can not drink alcohol for one week after surgery;
  • can not use makeup for one week;
  • impossible to bathe in a bath or swim in the pool within one month.

See your doctor for a post-operative check-ups should be once a week during the first month after surgery.

In order to protect themselves during the postoperative period, it is necessary: ​​

  • to protect against infection in two weeks dig antibiotics;
  • to improve healing and prevent unwanted dryness of antibiotics within one month to dig rewetting drops (with the doctor's recommendation).

article was prepared in collaboration with the Centre for eye surgery (Lasik. Ru).

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