Types enteropathy

At the heart of the development of enteropathy are fermentopathy or congenital abnormalities of the structure of the intestinal wall.

Malabsorption - a congenital bowel disease.In medicine, there are several types eteropaty: fermentopathy,
disaharidazodefitsitnye enteropathy, malabsorption exudative, allergic enteropathy.


fermentopathia Among the most common gluten enteropathy.The disease is inherited, and usually, the main manifestation is the complete absence or reduced production of enzymes, which have in the digestive process to break down gluten.

Patients are advised not to eat some cereal, because the gluten in the patient's body does not digest, which can cause dyspepsia gastrointestinal tract.

gluten enteropathy is manifested in the form of diarrhea, which can trigger foods from barley, rye and wheat.If the disease is not treated, the patient's body may trigger aggravation electrolyte imbalance, appearance polyhypovitaminosis, exhaustion.



These diseases are also hereditary.They are caused by the fact that in the human intestine is insufficient or non-existent disaccharidases (lactase, maltase).That is what provokes the breach of the wall hydrolysis in the intestine of the patient.

Manifest disaharidazodefitsitnye disaccharide intolerance enteropathy (one or more) and increased fermentation processes when administered in normal doses.The patient having the symptoms of fermentative dyspepsia, flatulence, rumbling in the abdomen, diarrhea with acidic feces.As a rule, this kind of malabsorption manifests in childhood.

Despite the fact that official medicine considers this type of malabsorption congenital, the disease can occur after severe enteritis.

the treatment of this type of enteropathy patient is prescribed a special diet, which excludes the corresponding disaccharides.More severe cases are treated with enzyme replacement therapy.

Exudative enteropathy

Typically, exudative enteropathy ill young people.The reasons for the appearance of this type of malabsorption has not yet been identified.

disease appears pathological expansion of lymphatic vessels, diarrhea, increased permeability of the intestinal wall, a significant loss of protein, gipoproteinemicheskimi edema.

enteropathy ekssudavtivnoy Treatment should take place in special hospitals, in-patient department, jointly appoint patients a diet with a high content of protein.The disease is rarely diagnosed.

Allergic enteropathy

The cause of this disease is an allergic reaction to certain foods (fish, nuts, crab, orange, chocolate, coffee, strawberry, milk, eggs).

manifests an allergic enteropathy, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, swelling of the tongue, throat and lips.

the treatment of allergic enteropathy maximum attention is paid to the patient's diet, from which should be completely excluded those foods that cause allergies and digestive organ damage.Together with the patient is prescribed antihistamines.

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