Narcissistic personality disorder

belief in their own uniqueness, success and talent can not be simply a manifestation of excessive self-confidence, but also a symptom of narcissistic personality disorder.

narcissistic disorder - a rare personality disorder, gets its name from Greek mythology - a wonderful young man named Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in the water.

Like Narcissus, people with this personality disorder are also prone to narcissism.In addition, they are confident in their talents, greatness, success, uniqueness, exclusivity and superiority over other people.

narcissism as a

disease People with narcissistic personality disorder are inclined to consider themselves superior to other people, but for them it is essential the impression that they have on the others, and the opinion of the people around them.

Moreover, their task is to maintain self-esteem at the expense of other people, they need to constantly make sure that they are admired and envy them.

For a person with a narcissistic disorder it i

s important only that with which he associates himself.Anything beyond that is perceived as insignificant and minor.

Nevertheless egocentricity of people with narcissistic disorder and their sense of superiority are not manifestations of real confidence.Quite the contrary, their feigned arrogance hides insecurity, resentment and vulnerability.

In addition, they experience strong emotions, which are often unstable, and may be in a constant state of nervous tension.

Despite the fact that people will definitely need a patient with a narcissistic disorder to maintain his opinion of himself, they are having some difficulties with maintaining relationships.The most important person they are, therefore, love, respect, care of others for their secondary.

Any criticism they are experiencing extremely painful, feel humiliated, deeply offended, by all means try to avoid such situations and can respond to the rapid expression of emotions, even the most minor criticisms.

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Causes of naritsissicheskogo personality disorder is unknown, but researchers believe that a role childhood experiences play in the emergence of this disease.

For example, the disorder may develop if parents are too took care of their child, or in the case of a constant pressure of parents who wanted their child was a talented, unique, special, in order to maintain self-confidence.

On the other hand, the narcissistic disorder can manifest itself in the opposite case, when the child felt abandoned or subjected to any kind of violence on the part of parents or other adults play an important role in his life.

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