One in six cell phone infected with E. coli

study conducted by scientists of Great Britain, was dedicated to the World Day of handwashing.

The study found that one in six cell phones contaminated with coliform bacteria, possibly due to the fact that their owners not thoroughly wash their hands with soap after visiting public places.The researchers reported that on the surface of some of the phones was detected E. colli - a bacterium that lives mainly in the lower intestine, which can cause stomach upset and severe food poisoning according to the type of which were registered in Germany in June (due to strain O157).

E. coli, once on the surface of the hands or other surfaces, retains its vitality for several hours, especially in warm areas, where no sunlight penetrates.Microorganisms can easily get away with on the door handles, food and, as seen in this study, to mobile phones, with which they will be exposed to other people.

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of the Queen Mary in London c

onducted a study of 390 swabs obtained from mobile phones and hands in 12 cities within the UK.They analyzed the samples taken in the laboratory, as well as the study participants how often they wash their hands.

The results showed that people living in the UK, not telling the truth when telling how often they wash their hands 95% of the respondents claimed that they wash their hands with soap and water at the slightest opportunity, but 92% of phones and 82% of handsThey were contaminated with E. coli.

Dr. Val Curtis, an expert at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, led the company organizes the World Day of handwashing.Here is what he told reporters.

«This study clearly shows that there are people who still do not wash their hands, especially after visiting public places."

«I hope the idea that on their hands and phones is E. coli, will make people more closely related to the observance of hygienic measures.Wash hands with soap and water - it's that simple, and no doubt, it can save their lives. "

Global Handwashing Day is held every year on 15 October this year the day falls on a Saturday.


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