New standards for premature babies

neonatology and mothers of infants with extremely low birth weight new Health Ministry regulations expect.

Since 2012, Russia transferred to the new standards registration premature babies, approved by the World Health Organization.

unsubstantiated claims that the infant mortality rate will increase with the new law, and persons with disabilities among infants would be fronting more slapped Elena Baibarina, chief specialist neonatologist Ministry of Russia.

¬ęThere was only a settlement in the legal field - says Baibarina - nurse pyatisotgrammovyh children started long ago, by order of the Ministry of 1993.Of course, the success achieved single clinic, the experience we have, and all over the world, there were few, but the enthusiasm was. "

Previously, if a child has died, not having lived a week, he was not considered a citizen of the country, this death was not included in the general statistical indicators of fertility.Accordingly, it was believed that a woman has had a miscarriage, not birth, sh

e did not get maternity leave in full, the birth did not go into account in the preparation of the parent capital.

dead child could not even be buried in the cemetery: he did not have the documents and manuals on his funeral no one gave out.

Under the new rules prematurely, which could not come out, will be included not only in the departmental statistics, but also in the overall infant mortality rate.In fact, the numbers will remain the same, more deaths will not only mortality statistics will now be open.

According to estimates by Elena Baibarina neonatologist, child mortality figures will increase by about 30%.

Every year the number of survivors of prematurity is 80% of the total number of newborns with low birth weight.For their nursing requires serious expenses for sophisticated electronic equipment to implement the part not yet ripe body functions.

These nursing and other economic issues are resolved within the framework of the national project "Health".Only in 2011 on the development of the sphere it has been allocated an additional 12 billion rubles.With this money, the country built modern perinatal centers and maternity homes, to open four training training center.

In May this year, premature supported and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.On the purchase of medical equipment for the care he has allocated half of the presidential reserve fund - 350 million rubles.

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