How to protect against bird flu

How to protect against bird flu
second case of human infection with avian influenza (H10N8 strain) is registered in China.Previously it was thought that this strain is circulated only in birds and not transmitted to humans.

According to ITAR-TASS, the virus was detected in the blood of the Chinese woman, was admitted to hospital in a critical condition in mid-January in Jiangxi Province.Presumably, the woman caught from birds in the agricultural market, which visited the day before.

Before the virus was detected in postmortem blood 73-year-old woman, who died on December 6 in Jiangxi.

Now China marked a new wave of the epidemic of avian influenza H7N9 strain, which from the beginning of March 2013 has infected 199 people in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, 52 of them have died, according to Medportal.

According to experts, the conditions for such growth of pathogenic strains of influenza are at bird markets, where there is a constant exchange of viruses between birds.

Mortality after infection with avian influenza is high enough, an

d the specific treatment of the disease does not exist, which is why an important role for prevention.

a stay in a place where there are infected poultry, and in the presence of fever and difficulty breathing should seek medical advice immediately.

prevention of avian influenza

following measures can be taken to reduce the risk of avian influenza.When permanent or temporary stay in the territory of the spread of avian influenza:

  • avoid visiting poultry farms and poultry farms, contact with chickens, geese, turkeys;
  • avoid open markets where live birds are sold.

When traveling to a country where widespread bird flu:

  • monitor the cleanliness of hands, wash them frequently with soap and warm water or use a special anti-bacterial hand gel;
  • avoid eating raw and undercooked poultry and eggs;
  • before the trip to get vaccinated against influenza, preferably not later than two weeks prior to departure (this does not prevent a possible bird flu infection, but helps to avoid regular flu).

diagnosis of avian influenza

case of suspected bird flu doctor conducts a general inspection and ask questions about your symptoms, as well as place of residence, travel and contact with birds.

doctor may check with the patient the following:

  • if he was close to a living, or dead infected poultry and contacted there with wild birds;
  • consumed whether in food raw or undercooked meat or eggs of poultry;
  • was there in close contact with a person who came from the territory of bird flu, which has seen the painful breathing difficulties or who later died for unknown reasons;
  • worked on a poultry farm there or anywhere else where there is a risk of infection with avian influenza.

then he may order blood tests, swabs from the nose or other tests (such as X-rays), to determine the exact cause of the disease.

avian influenza Treatment

In some cases, the use of antiviral drugs can improve health.However, experts believe that existing drugs have no effect on the bird flu virus.In addition, viruses often change and become resistant to the drug, so antivirus software can operate only for a short time.

patient with avian influenza is placed in a separate chamber (insulator) to prevent further spread of the virus.Doctors and nurses are in contact with the patient only with gloves and gowns.

Some patients with avian influenza is required to facilitate breathing ventilator.To improve kidney function may also require dialysis machine.In more than 50% of cases of avian influenza are fatal.

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