Celebration of life helps to win in the fight against cancer

socially active residents of Moscow, doctors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, publishers, beauticians, psychologists, artists and journalists arrived on February 2nd "Festival of Life" on the occasion of World Cancer Day, to express support for cancer patients to people.City charity festival "Celebration of Life" was organized by the Foundation "Together against cancer" for the first time and promises to become an annual event.

February 2 at the entertainment center «Roll Hall" brought together more than one thousand. Socially active residents of the city, as well as people with cancer and their loved ones, not only in Moscow but also in neighboring regions.

City Festival "Festival of Life" was held not to collect money for treatment, but in order to help ill people gather strength to fight the disease, get a taste of life as well as to obtain the necessary information about prevention and treatment of cancer.

«We tried to make the site the most interesting of all, that any person could find someth

ing for everyone.Therefore, we had a large area for the children's classes, creative workshops for adults, live music and dance performances, visiting studio "Favorite People", the cosmetic studio is powered by the Mirra, where women can do makeup, to pass the skin test and receive gifts.In organizing events, we helped 42 partner companies ", - said Ekaterina Yarov, the fund manager projects" Together Against Cancer ".

holiday guests can not only have fun, but also to pay attention to their own health, as well as get information on oncology.

on site free of charge worked a medical office, where the staff of the Department of Oncology and reconstructive plastic surgery of breast and skin FGBU MNIOI them.PAHerzen had a clinical examination and breast ultrasound 45 women seek advice.

The lecture hall oncologists debunked myths about cancer, a medical lawyer told how cancer patients can receive free treatment.Guests watched and discussed themed film directed by Paul Ruminova "It's just the disease."

worked at the festival information booths, and everyone could buy a thematic literature.Artistic director of the theater "Practice" Ivan Rhythm specially came to the "Celebration of Life" to tell the guests about his play "The grace and fortitude," based on the true story of a woman with a history of breast cancer.

venue for the festival "Celebration of Life" provided the entertainment center for family holidays "Roll Hall".According to Helen Wind, Deputy Director General of the entertainment center, the business today, it is important to have a clear social orientation, not to abandon the noble deeds and to give all possible assistance to those in need.

«Together we want to make their own, albeit small, contribution to the solution of such serious and important issues, which is the problem of cancer, and to draw attention to the problem of the public.Thanks to everyone who had contact with the "Festival of Life", - said Elena Vetrov.

Thanks to the leadership 'Roll Hall "on the day of the Feast of the children were free to play on the machines, travel the long and fascinating maze of the game room, enjoy any entertainment venue attractions.

For everyone worked for free access billiards and bowling lanes.All the children who came to the "Celebration of Life", enough to paint the oncoming, played enough, and also received a gift of toys and BKids "Comus" companies.

According to Catherine Pechurichko, head of "Celebration of Life" project, the event will be held every year.

«We understand that the theme of oncology in our country is so far mostly negative emotions and the desire to move away.We have taken the first step to ensure that the cancer is no longer a taboo topic in society, and in each family, so that people are not afraid to talk about it, and to sick people do not feel isolated.Of course, in order for people to want to go to mass on the Feast of the fight against cancer, it takes a long time.Especially thank you so much I would like to say to those who came, spoke, supported and participated in the program or simply enjoyed drawing pictures, master classes in Argentine tango, salsa and bachata.What were our beautiful woman in a fashion show!And how many artists from the soul made for our guests!On holidays, we have seen a flurry of bright emotions "- said Mrs. Pechurichko.

Heath Holiday became a fashion show with the support of JNBY companies, Avon and AMF - international flower delivery network.The models on display were made by 9 women with a diagnosis of cancer, 2 of them have specially arrived in Moscow from the Eagle.

Catherine Zavyalov, one of the participants of the fashion show, said: "Of course, the attitude towards this issue is ambiguous.Those who have recently learned of his illness, did not want, but to recover faster.Who has the disease progresses - so not to fun.Healthy think it it should not touch and sometimes avoids all talk on this topic.The organizers have done a good thing - they have joined.A united, we can all ".

agree with her and Elena Smirnova, another participant of the fashion show: "Today the whole day in a state of euphoria and genuine happiness!It was an unforgettable day, this celebration of life, filled with bright emotions!You create and give to others the faith, hope and love!I'm sure it's just the beginning ... I think that a lot of the Festival will give strength and confidence in the future, the desire to live!I really would like to continue your journey with you. "

At the end of the festival there was a big concert with the participation of artists domestic platform.Support people came Vladimir Lev, Simon Osiashvili, Aziz, Sergei Litvyakov Ilya Viktorov, Zlata Bozhenov Ivan Berkutov, Kayta & amp duo;DaDuce, Aphrodite, Roman Arkhipov, Valentin Egorov, Roma Richie, singer Dante and many others.

start is given, we have work to do, we know how to make our "Celebration of Life" brighter, more fun - see you next year!

Photo: Vladimir Lev

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