Strengthens the immune system : how not to get sick at the end of winter

Strengthens the immune system : how not to get sick at the end of winter
How to protect the body from infections and whether to be vaccinated - in an interview with the vice-president of the Russian Scientific Society of Immunologists VAKozlov.

How to support the immune system in the last month of winter, correspondent told VAKozlov, MD, academician of RAMS, Director of the Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical Immunology SB RAMS, vice-president of the Russian Scientific Society of Immunologists.

- Immunity - is a property of the body to fight infections?

- not only infections.Immunity is responsible for resistance to allergies to cancer, atherosclerosis - for almost all diseases.Even recovery from injury faster, if the immune system in order.

- Good immunity - innate property?

- There is a concept and congenital immunodeficiency, and acquired.(By the immunodeficiency AIDS does not concern - ed...).Congenital determine genetic disorders.Acquired from genes also depends, but the main thing here - the food, the environment, hardening, etc.Man is born with a

"zero" of the immune system.She formed with the appearance of his birth and the age of 25-30.With age, the immune system will inevitably weaken.And then begin to appear all sorts of ailments, now age, from atherosclerosis to cancer.Therefore, it is necessary to begin to support the immune system as early as possible.

- How?

- Using non-specific immunization two cycles per year for six weeks each.We have designed the scheme: vitamins, herbs, probiotics.We carried out two years in a row in two junior high schools in Novosibirsk nonspecific immunization by their scheme.

Although, of course, in schools already too late to start.Rule the treatment of any disease - the sooner the better.We ought to start with the kindergartens.Children, we carried out two years of immunization, almost three times less ill than children in the control group.The so-called FIC (often ill children), according to current statistics, we have 80%.Such a child is sick 4-5 times a year.And when he becomes an adult, some chronic pathology it is provided: gastritis, bronchitis, allergies.

- The immune system is also responsible for these diseases?

- Even for atherosclerosis.In the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, "blame" the cell of the immune system - macrophages, which function suppressed.This macrophage can not process low-density lipoproteins, and further result in rather complex cellular processes in which it is involved, there is a first kind of "foam cells", and then - a plaque.

- That is any more or less severe disease should be treated also to the immunologist?

- even in major hospitals of big cities you will always find a doctor-immunologist.What to say about the district clinics and small towns.Therefore, any doctor who does not know of immunology - a criminal.Immunology - a fundamentally new medical specialty, and taking into account the achievements of immunology any conventional treatment should be carried out differently.Though, unfortunately, it happens infrequently.

example, familiar not only physicians situation: surgery after the injury done perfectly, and the patient in a month or two is diagnosed osteomyelitis.Because the immune system of the patient at the time when it was operated, was broken.If we have performed preoperatively immunocorrection complications would be two to three times smaller.And this pattern is observed in the treatment of each disease.

- What can we do for patients?

- Carry out the very immunization twice a year for six weeks.If you take drugs become only two weeks - nothing will.Best of all, these courses are held in the early autumn, in September and October, and at the end of winter, in February or March.With probiotics understandable - enriched lactic acid is now a variety of products.With vitamins, in fact, too.As for the grass - I would advised to start with the shrubby cinquefoil.He mild adaptogen, mild immunostimulant.Traditional adaptogens - ginseng, lemongrass, etc. -. Children are unlikely to fit.A Kuril tea is suitable for all ages.

- Herbs and vitamins, it is unlikely that someone will cause objection.A vaccination?Do I need to be vaccinated, say, a flu shot?

- Naturally, vaccinations should be done.But it is advisable that before vaccination the doctor-immunologist immune status checked.The dose of the vaccine should be individualized.If you do all the vaccinations in a single dose, they can not help.Different people have different immune systems.If the immune system is weakened, it is necessary to increase the dose of antigen.Then he will call the desired immune response.And if someone has a strong immune system - on the contrary, the dose should be reduced.

- But why did many people related to vaccination is prudent ...?

- from a misunderstanding.Those who talk about their dangers simply do not understand what immunology.

important, of course, the purity of the vaccine.While it really is not technologically clean as we would like.Therefore it is necessary to consult with vaccinology, vaccine which to choose: Russia or maybe French.However, to completely abandon vaccinations today - this is savagery.

- And the director of the Institute of Clinical Immunology, as it supports your immune system?

- take vitamins, herbs.Kuril tea I grow at his dacha and drink all summer with the leaves of raspberry and currant.And I tempers.I have several years poured cold water on a daily basis.And sick very often, the disease is easy to bear.The weakening of the immune system begins forty years.With this, the age and the need to carry out regular periodic immunocorrection.If you are not allergic, and autoimmune diseases - can be dispensed with a doctor-immunologist.

- When immunology in medicine takes the place that you give her away, she would make the incurable curable disease today?

- I'm sure it will.

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