Scientists have found out where the fattest children live

European Union statistics office released a study that showed that most people who suffer from overweight, live in the UK.

Obesity develops from the British at an early age: according to the data presented, it suffered 2.3 million British children.

reason for this epidemic, scientists see the enthusiasm of children fast food - namely unhealthy diet causes the majority of the British to excess weight, get rid of them is no longer possible, and as a result one in four British adults is diagnosed with "obesity".

US researchers, who published his findings in the New England Journal of Medicine, confirm the conclusions of the European colleagues that obesity is formed in childhood under the influence of malnutrition.

Their study showed that in the United States among children 5-14 years, about 12% are obese.About half of them are already in kindergarten come with being overweight.Excess weight in childhood in every third case develops into an adult obesity that threatens cardiovascular disease, type 2 d

iabetes, liver disease and kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, malignant neoplasms.The link between obesity and these diseases are no longer in doubt.

However, scientists from the Center for the Study of the University of Colorado Cancer went further and studied the health of people who suffer from childhood obesity, but then get rid of him.

was found that obesity in childhood has a greater impact on metabolism and health indicators than previously thought, even if the person manages to get rid of it.Overweight in childhood has a risk factor of diseases listed above, regardless of whether a person has got rid of it in the future or not.

Pediatricians explain to parents that obesity in children is much easier to prevent than to cure.Treatment is complicated by the fact that a child can not just put on a diet, you can not tell the children how much they eat, can not restrict their food.The approach to weight loss in children should be delicate, because the process can be complicated by psychological problems and develop into bulimia and anorexia.

Childhood obesity can be overcome, if the whole family will give preference to healthy foods and active pastimes.To a child lost, the whole family will have to go on a diet.Only parents can create their own example to install the children on a healthy lifestyle, without excess weight.

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