Hardening by Ivanova system

February 20, 1898 was born Porfiry Ivanov - the creator of the well-known recreational and spiritual system whose effectiveness he showed by example.Remembering Ivanova secrets: how to remain active until old age, not afraid of cold and disease.

C quenching by Ivanov primarily associated pouring ice water on the streets in the dead of winter.

Meanwhile Porfiry Ivanov system is not limited to extreme water treatments, and is just a system that includes and rules of behavior in society, and thought control, and finally, the most bad-twice a day, which has become the hallmark of "Ivanovo".

own experience

Ivanov Porfiry Ivanov lived 85 years.And nearly half a century, he created, tested it on himself and honed habits and actions of the system that allowed him to walk barefoot in winter, dressed only in shorts and not get sick.

According to biographers Ivanov, then the idea of ​​healing forces of nature pushed his own serious illness.At 35 years old he was diagnosed with a cancer, and to protect thems

elves from a painful and long passing, he decided to catch a cold death by walking naked in the winter.But his efforts have led to the opposite result: after walking in the cold and pouring snow the disease has receded.

This story is similar to the legend, the facts say, that for a long life of Porfiry Ivanov doctors have repeatedly recognized the mentally ill person.And after writing Porfiriy to the XXV Congress of the CPSU, which he offered for his hardening system restore the health of the entire Soviet people, the author for a long time was put in a psychiatric hospital.

there his health suffered greatly from drug treatment, the mode of hospital stay and food.But a few days at home with the help of nature, as he explained to Ivanov, he has fully recovered, being quite an elderly man.

Ivanov claimed that a man hidden powerful forces that allow it to do little or no food and clothing and to live with for a long time and fully.But a man separated himself from nature, he is afraid of the cold that Ivanov did his ally, the man "developed" his stomach and eat more than they should, and unhealthy food uses.

Statement Ivanov stated that he had these powers are awakened from birth.But he is willing to teach anyone to live in the same harmony with nature.

hardening systems

most famous short guide that Ivanov left for those who want to join his system, called "Baby."

It is written in the form of treatment, and not only contains recommendations for hardening, but also spiritual precepts: to wish everyone health people greet counter, forget greed, falsehood, envy, malice ... And finally, help those in need: the one who madegood deed for another, is worthy to receive a gift in return health.

Examples cure Porfiry Ivanov other, sometimes terminally ill people were not kept anywhere but records of the old man, and in another way they are not confirmed.However, the impact on the human system they invented Porfiry Ivanov showed by example, demonstrating the revitalizing effect of the procedures carried out by them.

Thanks to its system of Ivanov has achieved remarkable resistance to frost, ice water and dry starvation.During the occupation, the Germans experimented on by prolonged dousing Ivanov, burrowing into the snow and riding naked on a motorcycle, but Porfiry Ivanov is not only sick, but not even froze his fingers, indicating that his phenomenal thermoregulation.

Documentary videos show that until his death 85 years Ivanov remained vigorous and active even in the winter went barefoot and without clothes, was sick, and never go to the doctor with colds.

heals Ivanova system is built on the principles of asceticism, the positive effect of which is now confirmed by scientific research.Ivanov is to experiment on himself and has achieved significant results.

Here are the principles of its wellness program.

  1. «Twice a day, pour cold water, standing barefoot on the ground."Pouring on Ivanova opinion, the main element of hardening, which generates resistance to cold.Doctors do not recommend to immediately proceed to such extreme procedures.Hardening should be carried out gradually, starting with the need to douche or legs with a contrast shower.
  2. «Try at least once a week, completely without food 24 or 36 hours."This Porfiry Ivanov was a supporter of dry fasting - he indulged not only in food but also in the water.The rest of the time Porfiry Ivanov also called for there are few and modest, not overeating.Short-term fasting is not harmful and, according to some studies actually promotes healing, but doctors recommend not to limit yourself to clean water during fasting.
  3. «Do not drink and do not smoke."Here modern medicine stands in solidarity with Ivanov, and also calls to give up bad habits.
  4. In addition, Ivanov abandoned the urban way of life in favor of the village, he led economy and a lifetime engaged in physical labor.

All postulates "Kids", with the exception, in fact, pouring and standing for a few minutes in the snow barefoot, are not new.They are found in many health systems.As for the water treatment, the other, more deployed recommendations Ivanova can find advice at first only to wash his feet, gradually moving to a complete douche.

There Ivanov writes about the three systems temper it: instant, tridtsatichasovoy and annual, which is set out in the "Baby".Only long-term system is suitable for any person, but its start, according to Ivanov, the next spring.

All other systems require the same determination to change your life and the presence of a mentor close by.They are more like a rite of passage into spiritual practices, rather than quenching.Orthodox Church refers to the followers of Porfiry Ivanov sectarians.

Doctors also strongly advised not to treat by pouring cold Ivanov has already begun, as the stress of such a force could have a negative effect on the body and lead to complications.The sick person should stop any tempering procedures to recovery.

With all the extreme nature of the hardening according to Ivanov, he does not give advice to knock a wedge wedge and bring down the icy water on the sick person's head.Such "therapeutic" procedure - a fantasy of his successors.

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