Help " chronicles " becomes fundamentally different

Help " chronicles " becomes fundamentally different
Now pharmacists will take care of the health of people in a new way ....

To the extent of this discovery, it became clear for a moment look at the past of medicine.

Few people know, but in ancient China, the health system was completely different and showed a lot more effective.Family doctor received his salary, but while it was great the whole family.

Sick patient - suffers with him and the doctor left without means of livelihood as long as the client's health is restored.

Do I have to describe in detail how much zeal exhibited at the time the Chinese Aesculapius, to cure a person?Naturally, in order to avoid poverty (and even dismissal from blacklisted), the cornerstone of medical practice were put disease prevention and promotion of health throughout their lives, rather than struggle with the symptoms of the disease has already begun.

Of course, in ancient China, medical care was available only to officials and members of the imperial family.But we, thank God, not the ancient Chinese!Medicines

and medical services today from everyone at arm's length - or a couple clicks of the computer mouse, if you will.

However, not all differences in modern medicine from the ancient to be proud of, and something to borrow from the experience of antiquity in the eastern neighbors is possible and necessary!Talking about the emphasis on strengthening the immune system and the prevention of disease, as opposed to combat their effects.After masking symptoms instead of eliminating its causes is similar to disable the alarm instead of catching the thief.

In addition, synthetic drugs (painkillers, which suppress the cough, fever, etc.) often have a lot of contraindications and side effects, causing complications in the liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines and other systems of the modern human body, already prostrate chronic illnesses.

new - is well forgotten old.Here and pharmacology, has once again stepped forward, opened the method of molecular activation.It seems that with his arrival comes a time when the rescue man, and existing therapies are coming biologically active additives (BAA), activated by a special high-tech way.

activation of molecular method was developed at the National Research Council of Spain (C. S. I. C.).It consists in placing natural biologically active substances in the electric field intensity at a given specific time.

for each group of substances developed by its physico-chemical treatment conditions: take into account the structure of matter, its molecular weight, pH, carbon bonds, solubility coefficient, the electric field strength, and more.

Due to such exposure proshodit positive reinforcement properties of the product components.Thus, the molecular activation can significantly increase the biological activity of nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, trace elements. This activated substance is safe for the human body.

Thanks to this innovation of the Spaniards in the field of medicine, for example, in people with persistent infection of upper respiratory tract andrespiratory tract (rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and OE) will be able to strengthen your immune system, especially during cold weather.

Thus, people have a new opportunity - to support your body, using activated molecular biological additivesstrengthening the immune system, support the liver, nervous and other body systems.

Because dietary supplements created by molecular activation, in Russia, and all over the world are available so far only means of Catalysis of the Spanish pharmaceutical company, SL

example, the components of the productunder the trade name "Viusid" have the following effects:

  • glycyrrhizin acid, glucosamine, arginine, glycine, B vitamins, ascorbic acid, zinc stimulate antiviral immunity and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • ascorbic acid and zinc to protect cells from damage;
  • glycyrrhizin acid helps cleanse mucus from the respiratory tract;
  • glucosamine and glycyrrhizin acid supports liver function;
  • glycine and B vitamins stabilize the processes of excitation and inhibition in the nervous system and other

In this part of "Viusid" product consists of natural ingredients for the human body:. Amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients.

emergence of a new method of molecular activation gives hope for the development of a whole generation of products and the opening of the long-known to mankind natural biologically active substances with new parties.

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