10 original accessories for a healthy sleep

10 original accessories for a healthy sleep
World Sleep Day this year falls on March 14th.To this day we have prepared a top list of gadgets that can translate your dream to the next level.

device Antihrap

Snoring - a condition not only unpleasant for the family, but for the most dangerous snoring.During snoring body receives less oxygen than required hypoxia.In addition, snoring increases the risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.Against the background of snoring can develop sleep apnea - stopping breathing during sleep.

course, snoring should be treated, but small device in the form of a wristwatch with a microphone Antihrap can help at an early stage.The microphone picks up the sound of snoring and sends to the skin weak electrical impulses that are sufficient for a person to be rolled over and stopped snoring.

Bracelet Hivox Dreamate

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Another bracelet on his hand, but designed to facilitate sleep.Its action is based on the principles of Chinese medicine, according to which the wrist is the

so-called "Golden Triangle" - the three acupuncture points that are responsible for reducing stress, inhibition of the nervous system and the production of the hormone melatonin sleep.

Stimulation of these points and weak electric pulses with a light vibratory massage leads to relaxation and normalization of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.The body adjusts to the calm and healthy sleep.Wear the device should be 15-30 minutes before bedtime.

mask polyphasic sleep NeuroOn

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NeuroOn mask is a device with three sensors that reads the electrical signals of the brain (EEG), the tension of facial muscles and the movement of the eyeballs.According to these parameters, you can determine the phase of sleep in which the man.The sensors send information to a smartphone, which is compiled by user sleep card - the time of onset and duration of the fast and slow phases of sleep.

With these data, you can reduce the sleep time up to two hours a day, if you use the technique of polyphasic sleep, that is not sleep once a day (at night), and several times a day for 20-30 minutes.The program accurately record the end of the fast phase and will wake the user at a moment most favorable for awakening.

remains to add that the doctors do not advise to practice polyphasic sleep for a long time.

Smart Service SleepTracker Pro Elite

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clock with accelerometer, tracking the movement of the hand.The principle of operation is based on the fact that during REM sleep, we move more during the REM sleep lying motionless.The gadget is designed to track the phases of sleep and wake it is in REM sleep, the closest to the time when you need to get up.

awakening in REM sleep comes easier and more pleasant, one feels rested and alert.Pleasant addition - Service in the form of the vibrator that ensures only your awakening, not a neighbor on the bed.

Sleep Tracker Basis

Photo: arstechnica.net

more advanced than the previous one, the gadget in the form of hours and is worn on the wrist and tracks the user's sleep phase.For this purpose it is equipped with accelerometers, which allow to monitor the movements of the hands, as well as heart rate sensor.It is the latter allows you to distinguish between sleep and lying motionless.This device does not need to switch to "sleep" mode - it will do this automatically when the lock immobility and reduced heart rate.

device monitors the sleep phase and allows us to analyze the structure of sleep, on the basis of which it is possible to configure a smart alarm clock.

Trackers activity Fitbit Flex, Jawbone Up, Nike FuelBand, Sony SmartBand

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Gadgets in the form of bracelets was originally designed to keep track of the daily activity - considered steps, etc.However, the presence of accelerometer allows them to capture the tiniest movements of the hand and in the dream, if they translate to the appropriate mode.

also able to track the phases of sleep and wake up with the help of vibration.However, this is more of an optional feature, their main purpose - to keep track of the daily activity.

Tranquil Moments Advanced Sleep Sounds

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gadget installed on the bedside table and starts to play sounds, soothing affect on the brain activity.Combinations of sounds, their volume and speed are chosen so that gently and quickly immerse the user in a calm, deep sleep.There is an automatic shut-off after 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

system for monitoring sleep WithingsAura

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system consists of a soft mat that is placed under the sheet, and a bedside lamp with speaker and alarm clock.With the help of the mat device monitors the phase of sleep (it captures movement, breathing and heart rate), and to awaken in the optimum time, but in the given range is used first light, which gradually increases the intensity of luminescence, and then turn on nice music.

mask to control the dreams Remee Dream Mask

Photo: rightthisminute.com

The soft mask is built-in accelerometer, thanks to which it is able to detect REM sleep, which we usually have dreams.At this time, on the inner side of light emitting diodes which provide special light signals in sequence.

believed that after some training you can learn to perceive these signals in a dream (no wake) and thus realizing a dream, dream control.Especially recommended for those who often dream of nightmares.

Smart airbag Chillow Pillow

Photo: 92three30.com

If you like to sleep on a cool pillow, Chillow Pillow is just for you.And it does not have to turn over all the time - it maintains the set temperature.In addition, the cushion is equipped with speakers, you can turn on soft music.

Pillow will contribute to the rapid fall asleep and comfortable sleep.We hope that in the next version of the analyzer also will sleep phases and vibrobudilnik to and awakening was as pleasant as possible.

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