Healthy lifestyle: what it is

Healthy lifestyle
What is a healthy lifestyle and how to stick to it.

Healthy lifestyle - it's a set of rules, following which the person is capable of longer maintain their health, activity and wellbeing.Thanks to a healthy lifestyle can significantly increase the life expectancy and prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Statistics show that human health is 20% dependent on genetics, 20% - of the environment, at 10% - of Health, 50% - of its life.

Thus, the behavior of the regime, the conditions of work and leisure, habits, lifestyle, daily, food rules - everything that briefly defined as a way of life - are the main factors in maintaining human health.Especially important is a healthy student life test that is easy to carry out at home.

Healthy Living for Students: Test of simple components

Healthy lifestyle - is a composite concept.Of what it consists?

  1. Healthy Eating
  2. Adequate exercise
  3. Formed schedule
  4. Observance of work and rest
  5. Prevention

diseases Let us consider each of these points ...

Healthy Eating


Ideally, this is a food that provides a person the receipt of all the necessary nutrients and vitamins in the right quantities and at the same time is not excessive, ie, does not cause weight gain.We should say a growing body.It is worth noting that it is mainly the power of a healthy student life test for the child can be carried out on the basis of his daily diet.

Modern foods saturated fats, simple carbohydrates and calories, so a person is forced to limit themselves in power.

On the other hand, vitamin and mineral content of the products is reduced, compared with, say, those that fell on the table, even a hundred years ago, so as to cover its needs for vitamins, a person must eat more.

But greater consumption of food leads to weight loss, as a result of people limit themselves in food, but does not receive essential nutrients.According to some, the lack of vitamins in the body of the inhabitants of Russia is on average 50 to 80%.

As a result, adhere to a truly healthy diet, modern man has:

  • navigate in the list of harmful products and to exclude them from your diet;
  • limit their consumption of calories;
  • give preference to products, the most saturated with useful substances and at the same time do not contain harmful;
  • to understand the composition of the products, read the label to know the principles of the seasonal vegetables and fruits;
  • even with a balanced diet drawn up by the body may not have enough vitamins, making it necessary to consume additional vitamins in tablet form.

fact, to secure a healthy diet, modern man has to develop their own chemistry and dietetics, meticulously counting grams, calories, navigate in the composition of certain foodstuffs.The situation is complicated by the fact that a healthy diet generally more expensive and is not available for the majority of the population.

Scientists try to simplify the recommendations, to at least bring the diet of the average person to a healthy:

  • avoid starchy foods, sweet, fatty;
  • abstain from fried and fast food;
  • not consume sugary drinks and alcohol;
  • give preference to vegetables and fruits;
  • Include in the diet of lean meat and fish;
  • eat more dairy products.

Recently, Healthy Eating has become a fashionable trend.There are companies focused on the delivery of only healthy food, produced without additives, preservatives, pesticides, etc.

Popularity leads to higher prices and the unavailability of such products.There is evidence that only 2% of the Russian population can consume healthy foods for the entire year.

Adequate exercise


This term refers to this exercise, which is feasible for a person not to provoke the appearance of injuries, does not drain power reserves of nutrients and vitamins does not reduce the immune system, but on the contrary, it contributes to the training of all muscles, organs and body systems,increases infection and resistance to adverse factors of environment.

This load is not directed to wear the body, as in professional sports;It promotes healing, prevents the occurrence of injuries, develops strength, endurance and adaptation ability.Why is physical education in school?It is worth noting that exercise also form a healthy student life and test his physical condition can be verified easily in a school during delivery standards.

Adequate exercise may be improving and therapeutic, helping to improve the condition of the body.For example, in the pathology of the spine and joints, diabetes mellitus type 2, with cerebral palsy, the presence of excess weight, etc.

Each person has their own rate of exercise.It depends on the sex, age, functional state of the organism, the degree of fitness, the presence of injuries, chronic diseases, etc.At the same time the list of conditions for which exercise is contraindicated, is extremely small.

principles of adequate physical exercise are.

  1. stronger.
  2. regularity and duration: The exercise has no contraindications for age.
  3. gradual increase in intensity.
  4. systematically.
  5. broad direction, that is, exercise should not only train the cardiovascular system or to provide tone and muscle strength, but also develop coordination, speed, endurance, flexibility, agility.Unilateral fitness of the body accelerates the aging process, while multilateral physical development contributes to longevity.

optimal physical activity for a person with a sedentary lifestyle - this workout 3-5 times a week.You can train every day, but alternate the types of loads or just be active and practice a rare training.One thing is clear: life can not be called healthy without adequate exercise.

The daily routine of a healthy person

known that the work of the human body is subject to biological clock.There optimal hours of sleep and wakefulness, during high and low efficiency, the time for the secretion of digestive juices and hormones of various glands.

adjusting to their biological clock, you can save significant resources of the organism, to establish a more ergonomic operation of all organs and systems, which will eventually lead to the economical use of resources, improve the body's resistance and an increase in life expectancy.

At the same time opposition biological time (sleepless nights, messy eating regime) saps the strength of the body, reduces efficiency, resilience, the overall mood.

To determine the optimal daily routine you need to listen to yourself when you wake up more easily when you feel a surge of strength or, conversely, drowsiness.Based on this you need to create a daily routine: rise time, sleep at least 6-8 hours during training and eating, while mental and physical labor.

Of course, it is not easy, given that our lives are more often subject to the schedule of work or study.Perhaps as a result you have to sacrifice the usual entertainment, or something else, but the way of life subject to certain routine ultimately offers more advantages than disadvantages, improves the functioning of the body, slows down aging.

labor and rest


general rule of work and rest is this: passive activity should be replaced by an active and intellectual work - the physical.In severe mental work (students, for example) will be the best vacation outdoor games that distract the nerve cells of the usual work and give them a rest.In physical labor during the break poreshat useful crossword puzzles or tasks.

For most people, working time - more than a third of life, given that the Labour Code in the country set an 8-hour working day.Work - an important part of lifestyle.And how organized this time, it depends on the health.So, in the middle of the working day must be a one-hour break for lunch.During working hours also need to arrange breaks - for 5-10 minutes every 2-3 hours (the frequency and length of breaks depends on the type of activity).

If the work is sedentary, breaks should be done actively.If the labor activity - is hard physical labor at an elevated temperature, in a break is best to lie down in a well-ventilated area.But when working at the computer to break away from the monitor screen should be every 45 minutes, taking a break for 15 minutes.At this time you need to do exercises for the eyes, or at least just to look into the distance, the eye muscles to relax.

Long periods of work without rest (or rest properly organized) lead to fatigue of the body.Fatigue is able to accumulate, but at some point, lead to the breakdown of the compensation and the emergence of the disease.In addition, the fatigue increases the risk of traumatic situations, both at work and outside of it.The same applies to children.Lead a healthy lifestyle, student need to periodically take a break from tests, lessons and homework.It is important that the young body is not overloaded.

important component of a good rest is a dream.The duration of sleep needed varies with age, sex, lifestyle, presence of disease, but an average of 6-8 hours a day.Sleep should leave feeling full recovery, give a burst of energy.If by the end of the week you feel fatigue, it is necessary to increase the duration of night sleep.Lying down and wake up better in the same time.Certain categories of people (children, elderly) is also needed an afternoon nap.

Disease Prevention


This is a fairly broad term that includes:

  1. Refusal of bad habits.A person leading a healthy lifestyle does not allow the effects on the body of tobacco smoke, alcohol and other stimulants, narcotic substances.
  2. Preventive medical examinations within the clinical examination, treatment of pathologies occurring in the early stages (caries, for example), knowledge of and compliance with the rules of hygiene, timely preventive vaccination, the knowledge and the application of preventive measures for various diseases.
  3. Strengthening the body in various ways: hardening, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, charging outdoor ...
  4. Compliance with environmental safety: avoiding contaminated areas - this includes gas, radiation, noise, electrical and other types of pollution.
  5. prevention of injuries, safety compliance with the various activities, the rejection of potentially dangerous and extreme activities, knowledge of the basics of first aid and survival in various environments.
  6. Psychohygiene, that is, the ability to manage and maintain their mental health, the ability to control emotions, positive thinking, psychological maturity.
  7. No less important part of a healthy lifestyle, many doctors and scientists believe the social adaptation of the person: the presence of family, favorite work, friends, hobbies, and self-actualization, the ability to implement their own plans.

recommendations for a healthy lifestyle - this is a set of rules to comply with are not always possible.However, the task of every person - bring your own lifestyle to a healthy and build commitment to a healthy lifestyle in children.

At the heart of a healthy lifestyle - awareness and education.The more a person is interested in and learn about it, the more his own lifestyle approaches to health.

Healthy lifestyle - it's a chance for each person to extend their active life.

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