Ambulance : myths and facts

Ambulance : myths and facts
Almost every adult at least once in life called for an ambulance.How many people - so many opinions and views expressed in particular by several people, rise to rumors of emergency doctors and the ambulance.

On the day of the creation of the first ambulance station in Russia, we have collected the most persistent rumors about the accident and asked to comment on their doctor's mobile team.

expert asked not to mention his real name and surname - in the article it appears under fictitious.

1. ambulance doctors earn much more than in a hospital

«Yes, it is.The first load of emergency doctors are much higher: there is a difference when you're sitting in the clinic and to prescribe and when driving around all day on the challenges, - said Andrey Vasilyev, an ambulance doctor.- There are also allowances for "wheel" - for the number of hours spent on duty.There are bonuses and informal -. It's Russia "

2. Emergency Physicians often drink

«Part of the truth: when you come home to change, I want to rela

x and relieve stress.The most affordable way - to drink 50 grams of strong alcohol, in fact, no exercise will not help you when barely stand on his feet.But, of course, do not do anything.I drink occasionally, but I try to make sure that this does not become a habit, "- says Andrey Vasilyev.


3. First come quickly only in the most severe cases

«It is not true.There are so-called standards of "Directions".Maximum time - 20 minutes.When the ambulance arrives later can follow the sanctions.In general, each team has its own substation, so to come in 10 minutes is possible.But if the ambulance does not have time to call or severe case, the driver can break the rules - go to the oncoming lane, for example, to pass a red light. "

4. On Sunday, doctors perform worse

«It is not true.This myth, most likely due to the fact that the whole country is resting, and the doctor works, so the doctor wants to relax.But we are working through day three.That is, I can not work on Friday and Saturday and go to work on Sunday is quite contented life and rested.Therefore, the quality of work Sundays factor is not affected. "

5. evening ambulance arrives not as fast

«I do not know how in the regions and in Moscow it is.From around 22.00 and up to 2 nights number of calls increased by 2-3 times!In this case there is no congestion on the roads, but the doctors are so in demand that often have to literally run on the next challenge. "

6. Emergency Physicians often encourage money

«In fact, the hospital often give gifts.When you come to the challenge, somehow did not think about gratitude: it is necessary to help the person.And more than half of the patients - the elderly who want to give money for drugs.If you want to encourage the money, I would rather give up than agree.Uncomfortable. "


7. Can a person hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital without his consent

«For this you can and go to trial.There is a formal procedure for admission: a person must be a danger to others or is incapacitated.In any case, the decision takes a psychiatrist at a specialized ambulance, not a doctor on common challenges.In addition, the clinic after 2-3 days of hospitalization is transported examination.If a person is hospitalized under duress in vain, perhaps trial.Problems nobody wants ", - says Andrey Vasilyev.

8. Emergency Equipment is poor

«This is partly true.The regions do not have enough medicines, medical equipment, which is sad.Moscow and Moscow region - at an average level.Yes, the car, of course, not a fairy tale.But no, hold on.We break through. "

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