5 ways to protect themselves from TB

5 ways to protect themselves from TB
World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated annually on March 24th.The WHO has warned that the territory of the Russian common multidrug-resistant, so in the first place there is prevention of tuberculosis.

5 ways to protect themselves from TB

  1. Drinking milk from sick animals Tuberculosis can cause tuberculosis in humans, as well as meat infected with TB.So dangerous to buy unauthenticated health authorities, meat and dairy products - in the markets and with the hands.Meat before use should be carefully heat treatment.In addition, you can not buy products packaged in non-sterile utensils.
  2. Tuberculosis is transmitted not only airborne but also through everyday - through household items, contact method, as Koch's bacillus is quite stable in the environment.It reduces the risk of infection with tuberculosis personal hygiene: washing hands after coming from the street, public transport, contact with the money.During the day, most have to wash their hands cashiers and other employees who have contact with the
  3. most at risk are people in contact with the patient open tuberculosis - family members, doctors and nurses in TB, as well as people who are forced to live together with patients in prisons, hostels, joint chambers, etc.This is due to the fact that there is a massive attack Koch stick on the body of a healthy person with whom he could simply not cope.Therefore, patients with active tuberculosis should be isolated in hospitals.If your relative was ill with tuberculosis in an open form, it should be gently persuade him to be treated in hospital.
  4. Unfortunately, compulsory treatment of tuberculosis in Russia is not, and unconscious patients simply run away from the hospital, jeopardizing all the others, and especially living with them in an apartment or in a stairwell.If you know of such disadvantaged coughing neighbor, never sit down with him in the elevator, avoid close or prolonged contact, please contact the police for his involuntary hospitalization.
  5. adverse social conditions are a predisposing factor for the development of tuberculosis.It is among the people living in these conditions, tuberculosis is more common.Therefore, contact with them can be dangerous for healthy people.Such groups include the homeless, prisoners, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.

Tuberculosis and immunity

It is believed that during the life of a person repeatedly met with the agent of tuberculosis, ie it enters the body, but the disease does not develop - the originator or is destroyed by the immune system or the surrounding fibrous tissue, losing the opportunity to influence on the body.Therefore it is the power of immunity plays a key role in the neutralization of tuberculosis infection.

Evolve disease can decrease in strong immunity which occurs, for example, in HIV infection.According to WHO, tuberculosis - is one of the main causes of death among HIV-infected patients: 20% of them die from TB it.

However, not only HIV causes a marked decrease in immunity, but also:

  • nutritional deficiencies (anorexia, rigid diets), general exhaustion, lack of vitamins, minerals and nutrients;
  • acute and chronic bacterial and viral infections and parasitic infestations (herpes, chronic viral hepatitis, malaria, toxoplasmosis, etc.);
  • severe blood loss, burns and kidney disease (unites these states significantly decrease the protective cells and plasma proteins that cause immune deficiency);
  • diarrheal syndrome;
  • strong psychological stress;
  • serious injuries and operations;
  • disorders of the endocrine system, such as diabetes, thyroid pathology;
  • acute and chronic poisoning with toxic substances and narcotic drugs;
  • long-term use of certain drugs (cytostatics, glucocorticoid hormones, antibiotics);
  • malignancies;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • radiation exposure;
  • smoking is a special factor in the risk of tuberculosis, as the immune system weakens the local bronchial mucosa, namely the respiratory system is often a gateway tuberculosis infection.According to WHO statistics, more than 20% of TB cases worldwide are related to smoking, so the elimination of tobacco reduces the risk of developing tuberculosis.

All these conditions produce persistent and strong decline in immunity, which facilitates exposure to the causative agent of tuberculosis in the body and the development of the disease.

In addition, due to the physiological characteristics of reduced immunity in children, the elderly, pregnant women - are at greater risk when dealing with the tubercle bacillus.

Thus, the prevention of these conditions and reduce immunity as a whole will be considered and prevention of tuberculosis too.To strengthen the immune system, doctors are advised to adhere to proper nutrition, orderly way of life and the daily routine, to include in the diet of more fruits and vegetables, milk products;sports and hardening of the body;avoid exposure to harmful factors on the body.

main methods of TB prevention

In 1921, a vaccine against tuberculosis has been developed.Vaccinations are subject to all infants aged 3-7 days in the absence of contraindications.The result of the vaccination the immune system becomes readiness to meet with the tubercle bacillus and the ability to quickly neutralize it.

Vaccination is the main way to prevent TB, since the meeting with the tubercle bacillus can not be avoided in the course of life.

And of course, as with any disease, the earlier treatment is started, the more favorable the prognosis.Therefore, every 1-2 years to adults are recommended for chest X-rays for the early diagnosis of TB, children Mantoux test done annually.

Even if you do not belong to the socially disadvantaged groups of society, we should not ignore symptoms such as persistent cough, prolonged fever, night sweats.Ill with tuberculosis may each, independently of their social status and bad habits.

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