How to call an ambulance with a mobile phone in Russia and abroad

How to call an ambulance with a mobile phone
in Russia and other countries how an emergency call using cellular quite simple and allow time to save the life of his neighbor.How to call an ambulance on his mobile from Megafon, Beeline, MTS, Tele2 and other operators - in this review.

We all remember from childhood familiar sequence of numbers "03" to call an ambulance from a landline.However, the proliferation of mobile task is complicated, since each number of the operator, though short, but your own.So, try to remember.

First of all, try to call the emergency number at 03, after typing the symbol *, if your machine does not support two-digit numbers.


to all regions of Russia also act phone to call emergency services on the following mobile numbers:

  • 030 - MTS
  • 030 - MegaFon
  • 003 - Beeline
  • 903 - SkyLink
  • 030 - TELE2
  • 030 -U-tel
  • 903 - Motive

call emergency services free of charge.There is also a single phone emergency services for mobile phone users: 112.

It's kind of analogue of the American 911 specialists that servic

e work in Russian and English languages.

Calling this number is possible when there is no money in the account, SIM-locked, and even if it does not.When dialing 112, the satellite locates the caller and automatically establishes a connection with the closest rescue services - ambulance station, police department or emergency situations.Thus, the rescuers will arrive to you in the shortest possible time.

If you are abroad

Recently, on the whole territory of the European Union's single number for emergency cases was 112 (GSM system standard).It also operates in the Ukraine and in Belarus, where the number of ambulance is 103. These numbers are gaining, if an urgent need to take the person to the hospital, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Residents of Bulgaria's call for an ambulance by number 150, Hungary - 104, Georgia - 113, Moldova - 903, Poland - 999, Romania - 961, Croatia - 94, Czech Republic - 155.

In the US and Canada, along with all the knownNo. 911 112 also acts (GSM-standard).In Japan and Korea, ambulance call to phone number 119, China - 120 (there are a number of 122 road accidents), in Israel - 101, Iran - 115, Afghanistan - 102. Residents of Australia have a single number for all emergencies -000 and 112 (GSM-standard).

Procedure Call ambulance

In order to properly use the services of emergency, it is important to know not only where to call, and what to say.

Dispatcher must be reported gender, age (may be approximate) and the number of victims.Remember that each medical team leaves only one patient!

Then you briefly describe what happened (accident, accident, assault, etc.) to indicate if a person has lost consciousness.

Name address and code number of the entrance intercom.If you get to the hard to inform guidelines and on who will meet the car.Due to the need to inform yourself about the (relative passer, etc.) and leave your phone number for details.You can also ask the manager dress room, if you want to find later the victim or to thank the doctors.

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